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  1. He spun the ball on the turf after that score...
  2. 2nd place Husky party tonight. https://scsuhuskies.com/news/2021/4/11/mens-ice-hockey-st-cloud-state-to-honor-mens-hockey-on-april-14.aspx?utm_medium=sidearm-email&utm_source=scsuhuskies.com&utm_campaign=St.+Cloud+State+to+honor+men’s+hockey+on+April+14&utm_content=f289113a-0982-4788-b2ce-614cf0183182 
  3. I wonder if they will delay the start if Umass and Bemidji are still playing?
  4. Too much puck luck for the Huskies
  5. The hit on Gaber was far worse..
  6. I am glad that Bemidji is not in Fargo
  7. I hope that was just levity
  8. There should be no reason not to play in the earlier time slot.. all players are sitting a motel room or at the rink
  9. The Eagles and Dogs get byes. crap
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