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  1. Tied for 5th in team points. His production tailed off the last two months.. Still is a big hole to fill.
  2. Great way to put things in perspective MafiaMan! Sure wish Flo and I could have made to Hoggsbreath..
  3. I know bcblues is here... Anyone else make the trip and would like to get together before the game?
  4. We will be there also... Hopefully a bunch of green in the arena.
  5. Why wouldn't Bemidji call for a review sooner? Either way this is a no goal...Better get dressed and back on the ice!
  6. I haven't looked at game film.. I wonder when it occurred and was he playing up to the end of the game?
  7. What scenario gets the team away from the Loveland regional?
  8. I think that was Gaber in.... Sanderson on hold?
  9. The wheels on the bandwagon are are now flat after everyone jumping back on
  10. Could that play be reviewed challenged during period break?
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