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When TJ Oshie was being born, he hip-checked the doctor trying to deliver him. No one delivers the Oshie except the Oshie.

i heard it wasn't a hip check...but when the doctor went to hit him to make him breath....the doc ended up getting the worst of it and tj got the rydell gm auto center birthing unit hit of the game!!

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When Joe Finley does push ups, he doesn't push himself up, but pushes the Earth Down.

Jonathan Toews once shot down a Japanese Fighter plane, by pointing his finger and yelling "Bang"

At the end of the Book of World Records, there is an asterisk, that says that all world records are held by Chris Porter, and that all records listed, are just the closest anyone else has ever gotten.

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The Boogieman checks under his bed for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris checks under his bed for The Oshie.

as long as you are bringing up Chuck...

Chuck Norris' tears are proven to cure cancer...if only they could get him to cry....

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ok goon...i know you are more creative than this....plus that first number could go up by 1......come with something better next tme ;) ;)

I know just bored today because of there is not a lot of hockey on TV tonight, too cold to do much out side and golf season hasn't started yet.

Unless one lives in the SW. :sad:

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