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    i like to drink. i like to drink a lot i guess. some people say im an alcohol and should go to aa but aa is for quiters. aa is for alcoholics

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  1. Where are you?

    You get banned again?

  2. what should i switch too. I will give myself 3 years to convince the natives to let me have it.
  3. what should i switch too. I will give myself 3 years to convince the natives to let me have it.
  4. Yeh today, she hung up on my friend who actually knows the facts but she thinks since the stuff he knows isnt public and she hasnt heard of it, she thinks its not true.
  5. oh yeh man...that was no act....ive been dirnkings tones for about 10 years now since i was 15. I liek windsor too. in fact im gettin a keg this weekend for ht efootball game and hockey games. me and a buddy are splititn it and hope to have it gone sunday morning. prolly see me postin on here
  6. Im sorry. Ive said it once and ill say it again. I jsut did it for kicks since none of u take me serious anyways, it hoguth why the hell not cuz u guys dont believe me. thought it would create a luahg or two.
  7. Yes I am siouxrock, siouxrock2 etc feel free to bash
  8. I think we should just all quit talking about this. Im deeply sorry to those I have hurt. I apologize.
  9. LOL i think its so funny how many people say the stuff on taht show get most of it off of ss.com. i lauaghed so haard the past halaf hour. i think dacotah huseby is as dumb as a radio host gets. she doesnt no the facats so she thinks other peopel dont no the facts. what ever she noes, everyone else should no and if someone noes more then she does, its not ture what that person noes.
  10. I just found out who the player was....lol hes not really a star but hes coming around..hint hint
  11. First off, Dean will never takae this job. I no him personally aand he will never have a job again where he sits in teh office day in and day out. hence the NHL job he had. Arule dean out... I heard its aa done deal rob to und but i wish they would pick some one other then a good ole boy.
  12. Im jsut saying thaat REA is not ment for college hockey with those suites behind the student section. I think the U should buy them out and let students rent them for cheap. I no some older WCHA players that just graduated and this was there favorite plaace to plaay. 1. They said the only time they cana hear the crowd is when the sioux score, but even then with tat goal horn on, they can barely hear them. 2. its so comforting with everyone sitting, they are enver distracted. 3. They are spoiled, they get everything they want.
  13. guess kuak and gretzky new interm ad....THE GOOD OLE BOYS ARE BACK lol
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