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UND (8-6, 0-1) @ SDSU (6-7, 0-0) 12/31 2PM


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2 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

It's called loyalty....... something to be proud of.

But loyalty doesn't mean withholding criticism when it is warranted.

And criticism is more than warranted here.

I’ve been criticizing. I want Sather to succeed so bad but it’s starting to become apparent that’s not going to happen or at least not where I want the program to be. I do wonder the buyout language of his extension.

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1 minute ago, Hans8891 said:

Tough to lose Eli on fouls.  He has been our best player the last two games.  Tyree has been a good second.  I’d be hard pressed to find even a decent effort out of a third player for us in the last two games.  

Hong during warmups. 

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35 3s taken.  If we really picture ourselves a 3 point shooting team, we need to find some shooters and find an offense that will actually allow open looks.  Our offense sucks for getting open looks.  We continually hold the ball far too long with each catch. The ball never reverses in rhythm for an open look.  And our center is taking most of our 3s.  Not really working.

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