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#9 UND (13-19) vs #1 ORU (27-4) Summit League QF 3/4 6PM


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A strong game from Matt Norman, connecting on 6 3s and scoring 25 points and Eaglestaff dropping 15 points and 8 dimes off of the bench allowed UND to come away with a 15 point win against DU.   Now the big test comes against ORU, the #1 seed in the Summit.

UND just about pulled off an epic comeback against these guys against in Tulsa, but feel one shot short.  It would be best if UND didn't have to do that this time around and kept it more towards the first matchup where it was closer.

UND is plaing with house money here and a Jackrabbit crowd that will get behind them if UND gives them a reason to.  If they can come out firing out at the start and ORU appears to be off..... look out.

Keep Norman hot, he has 81 made 3s on the year.  He need 4 more to break Q's record for most made 3s in a UND season at the D1 level. 

Shock the world


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9 minutes ago, GoodGood said:

If they put Vanover on Trent again, need to have Trent screen away. No help on those will lead to shooters getting open looks. Hope we are prepared for that 

Dribble handoff from Trent to Norman or Eaglestaff. 0 help on that from Vanover in the paint will lead to open 3’s off that handoff

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