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(Almost too soon) 2022 season


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Whipped pretty bad in set 3. Tonight was a rebuilding reality check. While we did beat NDSU and have gone toe to toe with the top of the conference, this team isn’t good enough to go from worst to first in one season.  My hopes peaked a bit early.  It’s been a good season.  Can’t deny how far Tupac has gotten them in just one year. His tenure is going to be awesome. 

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1 hour ago, SiouxFan100 said:

Not good at sdsu

down 2 - 0 sets

we were owned in 2 nd set

3 starters didn’t play according to the stats. Olson, Carney, and Barber. Resting before the conference tournament? Don’t want to give anyone more film at the end of the year? Like a certain match up better as a 6 seed? I wonder if we’ll see Stockman, Ward, and ???? Sit on Saturday? I understand the logic, but unless Barber is nursing an injury I feel like she needs the reps… 

You also need 100% buy in from the team if you’re going to throw a match or two. And ending on a 5 match losing streak could cause some confidence issues. 

I like the confidence from the staff, and excited to see if it works next weekend! Should be a fun tournament, hope all the matches are free to watch online. 

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A couple of thoughts leading up to the conference tournament.

How many thought 12-17 overall and 9-9 in conference was possible before the season started? From where we were this is nothing but a HUGE turnaround. This is to be commended regardless of how they play this weekend. Thinking back to August, we are way ahead and playing with house money right now. This has been a huge step in the right direction.

Lots of new faces on the floor this year, and not all were Tupac recruits. I think all of Tiffin's last recruiting class saw a fair amount of court time as freshmen. All three setters are from the Tiffin era. Interesting how a change in leadership can make a difference. We also saw this with Hardee winning with Peterson's players in his first year. 

We knew the first half of the schedule would be much easier than the second half, so the results of the past few weeks is not surprising. This last weekend didn't look good, but it also didn't matter regarding the standings and a bunch of the regulars didn't seem to play. 

I'm wondering if the college season isn't having an impact on the freshmen. The transition to D1 regarding time commitments, travel, and being a college student in their spare time (a joke) might have been exciting in August and September, but has to be a grind for those who haven't experienced it before.

I'm expecting to hear about a few owies impacting players once the season is done. I don't have any inside info, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear about at least one player  experiencing shoulder issues in the second half of the season, and at least one with knee issues.

Everyone is now 0-0, so hopefully that can help refill the tanks and refresh the attitudes. I like NDSU for an opponent. I think we matched up well with them and we are 5-5 in sets for the year. Should be an interesting match.

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Another sweep where we get shellacked in the third set. Season ends on a seven game skid. I bet that’s the only time that happens on Tupac’s watch.  Some good times (NDSU win), some growing pains, but the future is bright. Excited to see what is going to transpire in this program. 

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