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UND (2-4) @ Kansas State (2-2) 11/28 4 PM


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About Kansas State:

To describe the Bruce Weber Era accurately, you have to go through some highs and lows during his 9 years.  The highs have been 2 Big 12 regular season championships, 5 NCAA tournament appearances, and 1 magical run to the Elite 8.   The lows haven't been very pretty however and right now, they are in the middle of one right now.  After a 25 win season in 2018-19, they couldn't get to 25 wins in 2 seasons combined!  The wheels have completely fallen off the past two years.   However, the program appears to be building something with a crop of young players, ready to make a move back up the rugged Big 12.   So far this year, a pair of 8 point losses to a ranked Arkansas and Illinois squads, and two wins against Omaha and Florida A & M.

About Bruce Weber (485-287 overall record, 172-132 at KSU, 76-86 in the Big 12

The Former SIU and Illinois head coach is certainly putting a resume that could one day land him in the College Basketball Hall of Fame.  He has taken all 3 of his teams to at least the Sweet 16 and nearly won it all with the Illini in 2004-05.  His 3rd act at KSU certainly has had its moments.  5 trips to the NCAA tournament and a trip to the Elite 8.  All of which has been good, expect a few issues.  Outside of that Elite 8 run, no NCAA tournament wins.   He took over the program from a popular coach (Frank Martin), and while has done well, hasn't matched the NCAA tournament success that Martin had.  Lastly, the last two years have been rough with bottom of the barrel finishes in the Big 12.  The good news, it is a young squad and can improve.   However, that improvement needs to start happening.

Key Player: Nijel Pack (Sophomore Guard, 6' 180)

After a solid freshman campaign, the young guard continues to impress and should make his way onto some All Big 12 post-season squads if he can keep the numbers up.  So far this season, he is averaging 15.5 ppg and averaging close to 3 assists and 3 rebounds.  His shooting has looked better, shooting near 50% from the field and 43% from 3.  He is also perfect from the free throw line (albeit it 9 of 9).  The guards are going to have their hands full.

Series History:

KSU has an 2-0 lead against UND


1) Play a good 40

2) Get the shooters going again

3) Handle the size down low

4) Stay out of foul trouble Bigs.

The Call:

If this was a more seasoned UND team, I would give them a halfway shot of going into the Ocatgon and getting a win.  However, I think this is a team that is still figuring things out and hopefully a few days rest at home and to heal up some nagging injuries.  I think they keep taking steps forward on both ends of the floor, but Kansas State will do just enough.

KSU 77-64

Game is on ESPN+

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This game was over before it even began.  The team looked like fawn caught in the headlights we looked scared out there and shots they were putting up looked like it they weren't even close to be made. I thought we might come out the second half with some fire to show them we were not going to lay down instead we looked like we  were ready to go home. They could have just forfeited the way they played second half nobody was working to get open shot and thinking of making the shot it was they were playing with hot potato out there until they had to throw a shot up there. The best of group was Bruns he was aggressively trying to score and get open it showed he led the team in scoring. Our interior play was terrible, there big man had them so scared they were afraid of attacking the basket with out doing that they had no chance of putting him in foul trouble like he has been all season. Sather has to be not very happy with this performance. Looking at this road trip looks like they have taken two steps backward. I thought we were on moving to another level but now we need at least step forward to get back to where we were. Hard to access how we played defensively when we were shooting 5% for while on the floor and giving up i don't know how many turnovers that let them shoot layups lucky for us they couldn't hit a layup. This has to be big concern going forward because effort wasn't there hopefully going forward leaders of team step forward to not let this happen again.

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I thought the same but i was really disappointed in the performance i had been waiting all week to be able to watch the team and then we had this performance. I still think this team has potential to be good team and i know they can shoot better than they have showed. I haven't given up in them and i do think were going to be factor in Summit conference but this year Summit looks to have number of good teams so i would like to see them start making some progress. I know were young but i think they have ability to be good team.

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