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UND @ Maine


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As anxious as I am, I thought I would kick this off early. :)

Maine is going to be a huge test. I like having harder games early, but at the same point, just like last year against BC, this series could be ugly. :huh:

I'm thinking Maine takes game 1 by 6-4 with possibly an empty. :(

UND battles back in game two and shines 4-1. Goalies step up and shut down. :)

We've got huge offensive talent, and I can guarentee you that Zajac and Stafford will be getting comfortable together. You could see the chemistry building.

The D was good in the late second/early third against Manitoba, and I'm sure will step up the physicality against Maine. They accomplished their goal of not taking a major penalty, and hopefully accrued no injuries.

I'm really pumped for next weekend, and this one isn't even over yet. ???

I'm thinking Jake gets the nod in Orno, but I'd like to see Jordan. I wish he could've gotten some time tonight, but maybe they're resting him. One thing is for sure, this year we have TWO goalies with big-game experience.

What does everyone else think?

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When I look at that again after writing it, I see that I've got Maine with 6 goals on Friday.

This is contingent upon the ugliness factor. We all know that when the defenses clamp down Maine doesn't score more than 3.

Therefore, if we bring our "A" PHYSICAL defense we can shut them down to 3 or less and maybe even take both.

Now I just have to remember that we're playing Jimmy Howard, so maybe we won't get 4. I want to see Stafford or Zajac (both ??? ) dazzle us with a highlight reel goal next weekend too.

I'm going to stand by my 4 goal a night prediction. If we can get that, I expect we can get the W. :huh:

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SiouxTupa: After I read your first post I was shocked that you predicted Maine would be able to score six goals. Did you see the NCAA championship game last year??? ??? I see you made a wise correction in your second post.

My question is, who did they lose from last year besides their senior goalie?? (can't remember his name).

Their defense will be tough, hopefully we can get to howard right away on friday and keep it up all the way through Saturday :huh: It will also be a nice road test right away in very hostile territory.

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My question is, who did they lose from last year besides their senior goalie?? (can't remember his name).

Frank Doyle was the senior goalie last year for Maine.

I agree that this will be an interesting series. Maine will be a good challenge to see where the team is for the rest of the season.

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I predict a split. We lose Friday, win on Saturday (reversing our trend last year regarding splits: W Friday, L Saturday). I think penalties will be a factor. I've heard Hockey East refs are as bad as ours.

And Penner was the guy I was talking about who went to MSU Bottineau.

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got that right. Who is the center between Zajac and Stafford? And if its not Murray who is on his line?


Murray centered the first line with Porter on left wing and Spirko on right wing.

Zajac centered the second line with Stafford at left wing and Genoway at right wing.

McMahon centered the third line with Massen on left wing and Kaip on right wing.

Fylling centered the fourth line with Fabian on left wing and Canady on right wing.

Defensive combos were:




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Article from Sunday, October 3, 2004, Portland Press Herald:

Black Bears hit ice running

By JENN MENENDEZ, Portland Press Herald Writer


Jimmy Howard

Goalie, junior

Howard emerged as an elite goaltender during the postseason last year. He set Hockey East and NCAA records and allowed two or fewer goals in 20 of 22 starts. In his first year as a No. 1 goalie, Howard is projected as a Hobey Baker candidate.

Michel Leveille

Forward, sophomore

Leveille, a Quebec-born playmaking forward, had 34 assists in 43 games as a freshman last season. He is being eyed for his set-up passes but also for his potential to score. If Leveille has the breakout year some are hoping for, he could be a dangerous weapon.

Jeff Mushaluk

Defenseman, senior

Mushaluk leads a corps of seven returning defensemen. As one of Maine's captains, he will be looked to for leadership on and off the ice.

John Ronan

Forward, senior

Ronan will be an integral part of Maine's offense by committee. He'll also be looked to for his leadership on and off the ice as one of Maine's captains.


Tim Whitehead, fourth season

LAST SEASON: 33-8-3, NCAA runner-up

KEY RETURNEES: G Jimmy Howard, F Michel Leveille, F John Ronan, D Mike Lundin, D Jeff Mushaluk, F Derek Damon

KEY LOSSES: F Colin Shields, F Todd Jackson, F Dustin Penner, G Frank Doyle, D Prestin Ryan

KEY NEWCOMERS: F Rob Bellamy, G Matt Lundin, F Billy Ryan (eligible in January)


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I don't see Maine scoring very many on the Sioux (1 or 2 if its a good night). They lost their top scorers too ... so if the Sioux can be airtight and if Brandt/Parise play strong, we may only need 2-3 goals to win.

But I don't see the Sioux firing a lot past Howard either. (Its not gonna be 8 goals on 24 shots!)

I look for low-scoring, conservative, playoff-style hockey.

Predictions - Sioux 2-1, then 1-1 Saturday.

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For being a balanced team, they sure do mention their goalie a lot.  ???


We were a balanced team last year and we mentioned Zach a lot. You realize that Howard is the best goalie they've had in a LONG time. I don't mind them focusing on the goaltender. Hey, Buffalo focused their whole team around Hasek one year and went to the Stanley Cup finals... with the same result :huh:

In any case, Howard is the real deal folks. He doesn't make many mistakes so we have to make it count every time.

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All I can say aout this series is that it's going to be one "HELL OF A SERIES." Now if we either sweep Maine or split with them either way it's a good thing. I can't wait to watch it on TV if it's CSTV I hope. Hey I survive another Hurrican (Jeane) I only lost the front proch roof & lost power for a couple of days other than that I was O.K. Four Hurricans in six weeks I can't wait for "FIGHTIN SIOUX HOCKEY" to get started.


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Tommiejo, it's good to hear that you survived the hurricanes. Having been through the '97 Grand Forks flood, I can only imagine what it must be like in Florida now.

Welcome back to another season of Sioux hockey.

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