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13 hours ago, sioux24/7 said:

Can we please get an all season long video series on the football team? Opening Drive was good but was only during fall camp. 

I agree. I would much appreciate UND Athletics emphasizing UND football with a season long series, much like what they do with their beloved hockey program and "Through These Doors". I think such a series would only help to increase the popularity of football in Grand Forks and the surrounding region. 

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Just my take, and reading between the lines in this UND News story from a couple of years back, it sounds like TTD was an idea that came out of the UND Athletics Department but it was an entrepreneurial student crew of wanna-be videographers and documentarians (who happened to be rabid and passionate UND hockey fans) that took the idea and made it stick. They (Peter Bottini and crew) largely used their own time and equipment to make it happen, as well. Not sure what other compensation they got from the AD other than the opportunity to run the content on UND-controlled and supported platforms, and to get their names out there for job prospects down the road.


Now, I am curious, if the AD could find an equally motivated crew of students with the same access to equipment and the same level of video talent and the same level of passion for football as Bottini's guys have/had for hockey, would they be able to develop a season-long program for football that would mimic what was done with TTD?



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3 hours ago, sioux24/7 said:

Some good news. 

We will, indeed, be producing weekly featurettes  going behind the scenes of the UND football program and covering the duration of the season. These are tentatively scheduled to run on Fridays each week. While it will not follow an identical Through These Doors template, it will certainly have some similar theme and production elements.

We're all excited for the 2016 season and we hope our fans enjoy this new addition to our UND Insider coverage.

Best regards,

Bout time.

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