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UND's new radio home in southern RRV: KFGO and KFAN

The Sicatoka

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1 hour ago, UNDBIZ said:


Is this what we're going to get from our relationship with KFGO?  Cutting up a quote and putting the worst of it in the headline to make UND look bad?

KFGO is notorious for taking quotes slightly out of context. (Wouldn't be to generate clicks and ratings ... nah ... )

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"As I'm looking at some of the social media tags here doesn't look like maybe we didn't do the job, but that was the plan to have this iconic clear crisp logo that would last...."

Was the most intriguing quote by Schafer in the interview. 

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It looks like KFGO is really stepping their game up with UND coverage which is awesome. Question I have is I think I have seen more from KFGO in one month than the local Grand Forks affiliate ever.

not complaining just saying it sure seems like KFGO is acting more like the flagship station not just an affiliate.

Hats off to Joel, Jack and everyone there for jumping on full board with UND!! Time for clear channel to up their game.


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1 hour ago, The Sicatoka said:

Not that long ago, perennial Fargo-Moorhead radio ratings #1, KFGO-AM, had been caught (tied) for that spot. 

And then came the great shuffle of college athletics media outlets. NDSU went to "Bison 1660 AM". UND went (back) to KFGO. 

The fall Arbitron ratings book is out. 

KFGO first, Bison 1660 last in F-M fall radio ratings

The Fox 107.9 is the sister station of Bison 1660 and they also run NDSU Football games. That slid them from tied at #1 to now #4. 

And now KFGO is alone back at #1.

What was it that was added to KFGO recently? :whistling:


I tried to find BisonDans comment from a while back about FU football carrying KFGO.  I couldn't find that old thread. 

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