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Why So Many Trains Derailing?


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Not enough ribbon rail (only one weld/seam every half mile), where the existing stuff has many more seams and thus opportunities for failure points. 


They just finished doing the section from Fargo to Grand Forks. That lets them increase open country speeds now too. 



Oh, and more trains means more opportunity for accidents. 

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What would it take to make a tanker that is A LOT less likely to explode (no such thing as fire proof)

Install strippers at the loading stations to remove the gas. There's a company that want to build these and more diesel refineries in the Bakken, but shipping would be much more expensive as that company would essentially get a few dollars from every barrel produced in ND. Some of the huge loading stations would become obsolete, so midstream companies would fight it tooth and nail as they loose billions they have invested, or have to spend hundreds of millions to keep up. Texas doesn't have that problem as there is pipelines existing. Texas does ship some natural gasoline almost direct from the oil fields, and they require stripping of that, but not for oil.

The necessity of removing gases like ethane and propane from the oil was mentioned this week in the Bakken forum before the latest crash.

There are actually some tankers that are much thicker steel, like chlorine and ammonia rail cars. If those rupture, there's a toxic deadly cloud for miles downstream.

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