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Found on Mafia's iPod

The Sicatoka

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Hall & Oates take up a good chunk of memory on the iPod. "Maneater" is a good tune but "Adult Education" and this one are probably my two favorites:


"Adult Education" is vastly under appreciated in the Hall and Oates realm, the only one less appreciated may be "Family Man".


"She's Gone" and "Rich Girl" are ahead of "Wait For Me". "Sara Smile" comes in right after those and "Maneater".

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If there's Hall and Oates on that iPod there must be some "Doobies" and "Eagles". 


The classic Doobies hit: 




If you're an Eagles fan you need to watch the entire concert this one is from. 



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I forgot all about that one.

And looking it up they released that as an A-side 45. I would've sworn it was a B-side. 



For all you kids out there:

Once upon a time there was this thing called "vinyl" and there were various kinds, like "album" and "45s". Those had an A-side and a B-side. 

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