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Legal question ?


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UND has lawyers on staff they don't have to hire lawyers to defend the logo. If you like this logo you better buy it now as it will be going away soon - another test of infringement is when you are obviously trying to link yourself to an organization to sell your goods. Siouxpride.com got a letter because one of the designs was a little too linked to hockey - which has nothing to do with native american clothing - that design is now a collectors item. 

Personally I don't see that design as a way to respectfully preserve the name or the logo. 

yes I would imagine the lawyers on staff would handle it, but sure seems ridiculous if it ever got to that point.  just a product of the screwed up world we live in I guess.

I think it looks horrible.  sticking a tongue out, really??   why anyone would want to buy a defaced/disgraceful version of the logo is beyond me. 

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Actually to protect a trademark the owner has to show a good faith effort in being consistent in protecting it in all situations - now the fact they have a website should make it easy for a good attorney to make a connection and ask them to cease and assist. We won't ever know how this goes down since all that will probably happen is the website and shirts will quietly disappear - and good riddance. 

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