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Herb Brooks Dies in Car Accident


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The loss of Coach Brooks is a major blow to the sport of hockey in general, but I think it is even harder loss for collegiate and junior hockey. Actually, I make an argument that it is a loss to UND on a higher level as well.

I heard that he was instrumental in some of the undrafted UND players getting professional hockey jobs, for example, Ullmer (don't recall which one) with the Rangers.

I don't need to have met him to say that he's a great man. His dedication to his family, to his profession, and to athletes at all levels is without bounds. He will be missed.

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Does anyone not think of the 1980 Miracle on Ice whenever you hear that chant?

He will be truely missed. I am glad I had the opportunity to shake his hand and get his autograph last year at "The Ralph". I am not a big autograph guy, but that was an opportunity to meet a true Icon.

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Is there any plans by the NY Rangers, NJ Devils, and the WCHA (at least) to have the players wear something in rememberance?

I would think something like a sticker on the backs of everyone's helmets that said "USA 1980" or something would be very nice.

Even if it isn't that, I think something should be done. It is the nice thing to do.

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Herb Brooks kicked! I mean this in a good, and fond recollectin' way. Herbie kicked ass. He learned alot of his knowledge and skills going back years, from Dean-o. Mr. Blais I mean. Back when they was teammates on some of the old Gophie teams. No doubt Dean has learned alot from Herb too.

In '78, I cheered for the Gophers a couple of years while there in school, after ND and my folks kinda run me out of town. I'll spend several hundred thousand years in Purgatory for pulling for the Gophers back then, but this is not my point now. We stood on the ice, in the corner of the old Mariucci Arena. Got to watch Herb work all game long from up close. I'll never forget it. OK, maybe I will.

Herb kicked. Shoulda been wearing his damned belt, especially driving in the State Where Nothing Is Allowed.

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Don't mean to take anything away from what you said, but I don't think Blais and Brooks were team mates. Brooks, I think, was Blais coach for a year. And Blais was an assistant under Brooks. Most likely Blais picked up things from Brooks and not the other way around.

Regardless, it appears there was a high level of mutual respect shared by the two based on what I have been reading.

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