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section finals are on the 27th and 28! it is the MN Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Convention on friday!

It's actually because of the first round of the WCHA women's playoffs. Obviously they getting 100-300 fans for the Women's WCHA playoffs is better than getting 5000+ for the mens games, so they men's games are moved.

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This will be my first DECC trip. For those who have been there before, what percent of the arena will be Sioux fans? How does it compare to the turnout in Mankato or St. Clown? I expect a ton of Sioux fans from GF (including Al's 2 buses) and the Twin Cities. 1000 or so sound right?

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Does anyone know how bad Jones injury is? I haven't heard anything about it and was wondering how long he will be out.

It was posted over on USCHO.com that Hakstol mentioned on the radio this morning that Jones was progressing nicely and it is a possibility that he could play in Duluth.

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The $55 at the Sheraton is the real deal. That's what I was hoping we would get but I hear the Radisson is quite nice as well.

That is a good deal when most of the rooms around the DECC are in the 100 dollar range...

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