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  1. The two dropped TD passes (one by belquist and one by Richter) in the end zone in the 3rd qtr were killer. Either could have turned the entire game around.
  2. You have literally lost all credibility with your posts this week. I thought this was a game that UND had no way to win, come back , or even come close. I think you should take a break for awhile…….
  3. We extended him, only way he leaves is if he retires early
  4. I don’t think Holm has been practicing them much this year, Skokna has been the guy. hopefully we get Skokna or Smith back or we will only have Otis and Clementson left…..
  5. Two penalties on SIU all game?!?!? Hard to believe that. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t stop the run in the first qtr
  6. Clementson is the #4 back behind Otis, Skokna, and smith. It’s gotta be him
  7. That’s what the announcers were saying it was. Was it him or Clementson?
  8. Alrighty boys this is where we turn this game around and the season!
  9. ND players I expect to be out today against Southern Illinois: Weah, Maag, Morrison, Navratil, Stage, Haas, Lotysz, Lavell, Cochran not the best situation but doesn’t mean this game isn’t still winnable
  10. Big get because of the competing offers , but I think even more because of how bad we need depth and upcoming recruits for our DL. I feel like we haven’t had many DL recruits recently.
  11. What really annoys me is when I was in school there were many people in power saying we need to drop the Sioux logo so that we can play games against Minnesota and Wisconsin in football…….20 years later this argument is finally coming through…….smh!
  12. Don’t you have something better to do than be on this board or don’t you have any friends…..:
  13. No reason SDSU should have dropped that far in the rankings. Literally lost on one play that was going for the win. You guys should stomp NDSU. Don’t pull a Gophers and choke!
  14. Pumped for these future FBS games! I will be there for sure for the Nebraska game next year!
  15. 0%????? We are not playing The FBS this week…….. SIU is beatable, not an easy task though
  16. Everything would be forgotten if we finally figured it out on Saturday and pulled off a big win!……… Huge opportunity to turn this season around and keep the playoff hopes alive…… also could be another weekend of disaster but I have faith in this team to right the ship!
  17. Our defense is playing great, less focus on making turnovers and less big plays being allowed
  18. OL was pretty damn good in the spring……. Then graduation/ transfer hit. Not sure what’s going on this fall but something is way off
  19. And not for UNI…… they got a big quality loss!
  20. If…… if USD beats UND by more than 9 points they may battling for the MVFC title this year. They have a good team so anything can happen this year.
  21. The halftime bit wasn’t really skewed towards the Bison. Didn’t watch the pregame so that may have been about NDSU and I’d so UND should complain . Brian was a UND grad too
  22. Give credit to the UND defense yesterday. They absolutely embarrassed NDSU and their fans. They couldn’t have played any better and have redeemed themselves after last year. Now let’s make a playoff run!
  23. I don’t think we used Otis enough. He almost broke a few. Need to feed him especially on short downs!
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