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  1. Do we save the money for a new bigger outdoor stadium ? Or is FBS never going to happen?
  2. Win next week and we will probably have the same record as Mo St. walking out of there!
  3. Otis is a beast. Now we all wonder if we would have won at SIU with him……
  4. How many points did they score this year? If they are atrocious then some of the top teams in the country have horrendous defenses…….!!!!!
  5. Great run by Z after that horrendous OPI, then puts it in the ground on the next play. He will learn from that, give him the ball again!
  6. I get it but no reason for that poor officiating
  7. You are an idoit. Holinka has this defense playing at an elite level. Only bright spot of the season so far!
  8. Looked like a first down or at least a measurement. Refs need to blow that down because they were a !@#$ show
  9. Otis now over 100 already. Keep pounding!!!!
  10. He should have done that on third down on the last drive!!!
  11. 41 better watch himself, refs need to call that taunting
  12. Mostly southern schools being talked about. No reason why the western and northern schools wouldn’t be considered if they bring enough for their own northern/western division
  13. The Bison media contract is 2 or 3 million a year . Not far off what the new Conference USA media contract will be, or more!
  14. notice how the AAC only went after Conference USA schools and no Sunbelt teams? CUSA will have to try to steal from the Sunbelt or take in some FCS teams . Question is if any of the Sunbelt teams want to leave. Maybe the Sunbelt will absorb some remaining CUSA teams but that leaves many schools without a home.
  15. That is exactly why they went after Rice after reading that summary on them. I don’t think the AAC is no longer as prestigious as they once were but they still think they are the top P6….. they may have brought in some big enrollment schools but no way that is going to make the conference as exciting as they once were…..
  16. Bubba seemed pretty annoyed when they asked him about the Otis question. He sounded frustrated that Otis didn’t practice all week. I feel like maybe he expressed the need for guys to practice if the my want to play and maybe Otis felt like he should still get to play even though he missed a bunch of practice. Otis better run for 200 and put this to bed
  17. Season isn’t over until we have 5 losses, it’s a long stretch but anything is possible
  18. Viking fans finally got their hope back only for the Vikings to choke later in the season when it matters most
  19. Good news is we must have some Fargo media/Bison kind of loyalty out of Tom Miller. It was strange no one has pressed Bubba hard on that topic. My two theories: 1. He is mad about the discipline decisions to hold him out of a game because of unknown reason. 2. He is struggling with grades. the big tell will be if his brother stays committed or if he goes elsewhere. If Otis is displeased with the coaching staff you might see his brother decommit
  20. Bison fan with some inside knowledge……. Let’s hear….. the Otis stuff is fishy….. grades…… falling out…..???? Something is going on
  21. So do you wish we would have two Stage types? Can’t boot it in the end zone but are more accurate field goal kickers, or one that can kick deep and one that is more accurate. Obviously having both in one kicker would help. Stevens did pretty good last week…… now all of a sudden it’s an issue?
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