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  1. By beating Idaho State, you have pretty much beaten Alabama by proxy because North Dakota beat Idaho State Idaho State beat UC Davis UC Davis beat Tulsa Tulsa beat Memphis Memphis beat Mississippi State Mississippi State beat Texas A&M Texas A&M beat Alabama And then to beat Ohio State, add that chain to Alabama beat Ole Miss Ole Miss beat Louisville Louisville beat UCF UCF beat Boise State Boise State beat BYU BYU beat Arizona State Arizona State beat Stanford Stanford beat Oregon Oregon beat Ohio State There's this site myteamisbetterthanyourteam.com that makes those kind of comparisons. It really doesn't work that way but it's fun to think it does.
  2. I just want to say that I really hope you guys do well the rest of the way. Maybe even taking down the Bison or even James Madison or Sam Houston State for the championship. I know you look at our 1-5 record last year and thought you should beat a 1-5 FBS team, but we are much improved. I do think you guys beat our team last year. We had a coach who wanted to keep our season shut down, and the attitude carried down to our players and us having the poor season we had last year. I know some of you saw this, but we brought in alot of transfers from other schools. Our program this year is not in the same mess that it was in last year.
  3. A few highlights from one of your Weber State games a few years ago.
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