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  1. He had a season ending injury and played in less than 30% of the games.
  2. They have not committed to play for the University of North Dakota or anywhere else.
  3. They are 2022s. Andrew Bergan also recently received an offer. All would be very nice additions if it plays out that way in the future. 6’7”-6’10” long wings who can do multiple things well.
  4. I think it was an intelligent decision to take a look at which options were available and evaluate the new staff and make sure you are comfortable. Very excited to watch this upcoming season.
  5. Yes. He did comment that Sather was a great hire in his post on Twitter. I am sure he will evaluate his options and make an informed decision. Blindly staying at the school without entering the transfer portal would not be an informed decision, as the commitment was made to Coach Jones and staff. His post indicated that he felt Coach Sather would be a great fit at the University of North Dakota, but I think it is a smart move to see which other schools that he had considered are still interested and what the situation may look like at those schools.
  6. Have some information. Would not be surprised to see him back. In a transfer scenario, he is still dealing with a new coaching staff. In a nice situation to get a lot of minutes or start at UND as there are available minutes at the 3 and the 4. Still has significant ties to the state of North Dakota.
  7. Eikens just stated that he has reopened his recruitment. That does not mean that he is gone. He also indicated that he is still considering the University of North Dakota along with other options. I would not be surprised to see him at UND next season.
  8. Steve is a bucket. State champ in HS and played at Minot State. Did a great job on helping the staff secure this commitment. So excited to see this group UND is assembling.
  9. Yes. I have been asked not to be overly specific, by the family, but she has several high major offers.
  10. When I last spoke with her family, Two Bears had over 30 Division 1 offers, with UND not being 1 of them.
  11. Luke Martinez currently trying to get a spot in the D League with the Reno Bighorns. Will be in if the commissioner approves.
  12. Aanen Moody unofficialed at UND twice and really is high on the current staff. Could see him going either way. Wyatt Carr unofficialed at NDSU homecoming and will attend a UND basketball game this season on his visit. 6'10" 2017 Jordan Meidinger of Dickinson also one to watch. Was at NDSU homecoming with Carr and 6'5" Justin Engg of Minot. De'Sean Allen-Eikens has been on the phone with UND, but will likely end up a high major. UND has been doing a good job of getting in touch with the young ND kids, in my opinion.
  13. Do not know much on his recruitment currently. Had at least 1 D1 offer out of high school. Played for Playground Elite which has a penchant for D1 players, as does WSC.
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