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  1. I think there is a little creative accounting in that $300,000,000 number. The marketing of the spirit campaign made it seem as though UND started at zero and then a couple years later had 300 million in the bank. I believe the REA gift which had already been completed was counted in that number, so approximately 110 million head start. It was still a very successful fund raising effort but maybe not quite as it seems.
  2. The most valuable coach in Fargo has been their strength coach, and it's not even close ..
  3. I guess my point is that I have never met a coach who isn't trying to win. I believe that every decision by Bubba to go for it or not is based on what HE believes is the best chance to win. The criticism should be that he lacks proper judgement not guts. Les Miles had guts and he got fired for it. It goes both ways.
  4. That is exactly my point. The reason to criticize a coach is because you actually get to fourth down.
  5. Of the plethora of poor coaching attributes you could hang on Bubba, you continually bring up the dumbest one, why? It's so easily debunked with stats. 4th down conversions rate. NDSU 5/6 Alabama 4/9 UND 5/14 We aren't where we need to be as a football program because we have failed to recruit, retain and develop dominant OL,WR's and QB's. We failed to put our best weapons in positions to succeed. All of these things are on the head coach. That's why we are in this position, not because we don't GO FOR IT on fourth down...Oh and Hawaii Is 19/35. When I think of great coaches, I think of what's his name from Hawaii, screw Nick Saban, he's a pussy....
  6. This^^^^. I hate it when I hear coaches say after giving up a big return, "well our kick placement wasn't quite where we wanted it." Just kick the damn ball as far as you can, run down and tackle the guy with the ball. (i.e. with you shoulder AND your arms). It's not that complicated. If you need more than one page to show your kick coverage and punt block formations, you're overthinking it. There are plenty of all pro special teams players in the NFL that can't even read. "Hit the guy in front of you, ready.. GO!"
  7. Wasn't there a song that went "2 out of 3 ain't bad"?
  8. The worst part about this team was that they got worse as the season went on and it also looked like they lost interest. I think there is a lot of changes that need to take place. On the coaching side I would start like this. 1. Strengh and conditioning 2. OC 3. Offensive line coach There also needs to be changes inside the athletic department that would make these changes and up grade. Need to secure the funds to attract quality coaches. After this year's performance a whole sale change could be called for but I don't believe they will do that.
  9. That's fair, but I actually think they have gone for it too many time this year. I think its because they don't trust the special teams not because they are fearless. I thought this year would say a lot about Bubba and his staff. In my opinion, there are more problems here than just coaching. I don't think we have had a very good QB since Hansen, but maybe that's because Rudy can't coach them?
  10. I agree with a lot of stuff you write. I agree with you that this program should set the highest standards for winning. I agree that this coaching staff is falling short after 5 years in charge, but this "Bubba is too nice to finish games" is total BS. I'm not convinced Bubba is the right guy for this job but it's not because he is "too nice". He is trying to win every game and so are all the coaches. They might not know the best way to do it, but it not from lack of effort or because they are "too nice"....
  11. This playoff bubble has a whole different feel than it did in 2015. I really thought in 2015 we had a chance to make some noise in the playoffs, this time the only thing I'm thinking is that we aren't very good. This team has been in every game they lost except FBS Washington and if you asked me to pick a win total before the season started I would have said 6 with a slight possibility of 7 but yet this season feels like a disappointment...
  12. The SOS would make a difference but not just on offense. The defensive numbers would be even worse, right? I think if UND could block for a punt the last couple years we wouldn't be talking about replaceing Bubba, but he is in charge and results matter in the real world...
  13. When reading this board I get the general consensus is that the special teams are horrible (I totally agree), Rudy sucks and that Bubba, although a nice guy, is not capable of leading this team where it needs to go. So I decided to look up some stats to see what they say. I am using NDSU stats to compare because they are the best team in FCS and no I am not a troll, I just want facts not feelings to lead the discussion. I tried to find the stats that best show total offensive and defensive production. OFFENSE. NDSU. UND Rush. 9. 11 Pass. 94. 92 Total. 34. 35 Score. 13. 56 DEFENSE Rushing. 9. 27 Pass. 32. 107 Total. 12. 60 Score. 5. 28 To me the biggest difference is in the defense. After seeing the big difference in offensive scoring I checked out red zone offense and SU ranked 7 and UND ranked 97. Discuss....
  14. What do you see as the major concern on offense. Is it play calling or scheme?
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