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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, guys. Just wanted to get some UND opinions on the Summit League Tournament in Sioux Falls. I realize you won't be playing there until March of 2019, but I wanted to see what you know about it and think about it. The "SLT" has generated a lot of heated discussion with Summit League fan-bases, both positive and negative. Some schools, like Denver and Oral Roberts dislike the fact that they have to travel so far, or dislike Sioux Falls, or think that the location should rotate for fairness. I disagree with all of those arguments. Sioux Falls is centrally located and has proven that they can support the tournament with NCAA-record crowds and a first-class arena that is perfect for basketball. Many have complained that it is basically a home game for SDSU. As a Coyote fan I hear that argument a lot. My response to that is that Rabbits fans supporting the tournament are the primary reason for it's success. You won't get the same level of BB fan support in any other location. Instead of whining we need to just show up better (especially USD fans). The argument I DO agree with is against their ticketing policy, specifically: 1. offering 2-year all-session passes. 2. offering all-session pass holders first-option on renewal. The net result of these two policies is that Jacks fans (and to a lesser degree, Coyote fans) that buy up all the lower-bowl tickets will hold on to those tickets as long as they keep renewing. To a school just joining the Summit, like UND, that is patently unfair IMO. I don't know if UND will sell lots of SLT tickets to fans, but to be "boxed out" of the best seats prior to even joining doesn't seem like an appropriate model for a conference tournament. Maybe you guys haven't given this much thought at all. Just wondering if you have an opinion. Go Yotes!
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