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  1. I've looked through your posts & Im curious of where the verified facts are . . . . . . A week later, hows your rumor fairing?
  2. Usually when someone make a claim, they back it up with facts instead of asking other people to verify it with others that have "heard" this.
  3. If it wasn't true, some former players would come out and say it wasn't. No one did that. Yeah $80k to go away, im not heartbroken for him after under performing for years.
  4. https://dakotastudent.com/12553/sports/the-big-move/ Im not sure hes a good guy. The actions that are described dont show that. The fact that someone finally came forward with these probably means there were more that didn't want the unnecessary attention. I get that it is one persons word against someone elses but Fallyn also put her name on it and hasnt backed down on it.
  5. Yep, anytime the game is not going according to plan, he'll sit back in his chair and not coach. Late in the year (sdsu i think) there was a spot where Kacie was bringing the ball up after a score looking over at him for something to run and he . . . just . . . sat . . . . there.
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