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  1. I use oddsmaker.ag, they have UND... odds of winning the championship: 1 to 1000 (meaning bet $1 to win $1000) odds of winning the regional: 1 to 500 odds of winning vs. Arizona: 11 to 10 with the line at +17pts.
  2. My first thought was that he was saving the time out so he could ice the kicker... so then I was surprised when he didn't call time out before the ball was snapped for the field goal. Now my thought is he wanted to have the time out to make Richmond think he was going to ice the kicker and then by not taking the time out, try to throw them off rhythm.
  3. It's like they are trying to win...
  4. Saint Francis at Villanova Weber State at Chattanooga Lehigh at New Hampshire North Carolina A&T at Richmond Charleston Southern at Wofford Illinois State at Central Arkansas Samford at Youngstown State San Diego at Cal Poly
  5. The committee will not pair up two schools that have played each other in the regular season for the first round of playoffs. They can, and have in the past, paired up teams from the same conference that did not play in the regular season. The second round is fair game when it comes to rematches.
  6. It's funny that so many conferences use this rating in their tie breaking procedures for the Auto-bid (not sure how many actually use it, but I know Big Sky and Missouri Valley both do)
  7. 2TRU4U


    MVFC had a OOC record against FCS of 14 - 5 with 4 wins against FBS, and a 3-4 record vs. Big Sky teams. Big Sky had a OOC record against FCS of 10-4 with 1 win against FBS, and a 4-3 record vs. MVFC teams. I see the Big Sky has one win more head-to-head win against MVFC, but the OOC success is not THAT much better than MVFC
  8. Let it go... Let it gooooo... Let. It. Go. or not...?
  9. getting the auto-bid does not guarantee a seed and bye. the committee has shown that in the past.
  10. You sure you want to start the speculation? Because I'm sure eventually it will come out which logo was on the back pack, and you will look brilliant or foolish. Keep in mind, although it's easy to draw the conclusion that whatever athletic department had something to do with this, there isn't any proof and just as easily could be a coincidence
  11. NDSU fans? There are many that need help. There should be a shrink on duty at the fargodome every Saturday in the fall
  12. I agree with you. cheering against a sports rival is what makes sports in America great and Xanax sales will plummet every week NDSU loses. Getting back to recruiting. Im curious what these new tactics NDSU is using? Do you know anything other than what you saw in an obscure tweet from a GA?
  13. Why so much hatred for NDSU? It seems your hatred goes far beyond an in state sports rival, that you pre-judge "anyone associating themselves with that school". If something happened to you to fill you with that much hate, maybe find someone to help talk you through.
  14. I need to get in on this thread before it's locked... Winning the FCS championship is so easy, UND has done it 0 times...
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