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  1. Well I'm asking about television coverage relevant to those of us that don't live in the Midco broadcast footprint which in my case is Colorado. Not sure I'd assume Midco still has broadcast rights for the home games. Hopefully someone in the know will provide clarification.
  2. So...I'm assuming the MVFC games including UND home games will be on espn+ , espn3, and espn2. Does that sound about right?
  3. There's nothing in the Hannity segment under consideration to support your contention, as any objective observer can see. Indeed, the context of the discussion is whether the threat of the virus is exaggerated. There's zero content at all concerning whether Trump called the virus a hoax. Hannity explicitly refers to the virus itself as a hoax.
  4. https://www.vox.com/2020/3/20/21186727/hannity-coronavirus-coverage-fox-news Take a look at the second video. Hannity is not talking about what Trump said.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/03/19/sean-hannity-denied-calling-coronavirus-hoax-nine-days-after-he-called-coronavirus-hoax/
  6. No. Sean Hannity called the coronavirus a hoax a short time ago. Now he is claiming he never called it a hoax. That type of reversal epitomizes side show. Those of you that parroted Fox News, which called the pandemic an attempt by the so called liberal media to impeach Trump, need to hang your heads in shame.
  7. Restricting travel from abroad was an appropriate move. But if there is any evidence that it would ever do anything other than temporarily delay the exponential rise in covid19 cases I have yet to see it. The issue of international travel restictions by all appearances is not much more than a side show.
  8. Well, I wasn't referencing testing for what we already know. I was alluding to gaining insight into details of the virus that we don't know.
  9. I don't have a background in medicine, but I do have a background in data analysis in other scientific field. I've seen the suggestion that the significance of testing for coronavirus has been overblown. The suggestion was made in the context of a discussion of the lack of testing capacity, especially in the initial phase of the pandemic. What any experienced data analyst knows is that data analysis often leads to insights that were not anticipated prior to the analysis. Indeed, inductive reasoning is commonly underappreciated.
  10. Either the CNN interviewer was disappointed as you say or you saw in her face what you wanted to see. Could be either one.
  11. Trump didn't directly call the coronavirus a hoax. He refered to Democratic criticism to his early response to the virus a hoax. Given the disconnection between Trump and the recommendations of the chief epidemiologist in his own administration, it's not a stretch at all to say Trump's downplaying of the seriousness of the virus was unwarranted. Splitting hairs between saying the significance of something is improperly minimized and calling it a hoax is also unjustified.
  12. Now I am arguably a moron who follows his alma mater's football team for fun rather than as an intellectual pursuit. But even I understand the difference between bidding and auctioning. And I wouldn't be at all shocked if there are those in the Nicholls fan base that are questioning why they bid so "unnecessarily " high.
  13. Hopefully the guest accommodations will run our guys the "wrong" way. Being referred to as the Bison (could happen)wouldn't hurt either .
  14. TBR

    Playoff Time

    Well then I'm hoping it will also be on ESPN+, otherwise I'll have to find a sympathetic sports bar.
  15. TBR


    A win is a win and a win is something to be happy about, but this team did not look like a contender doing a shakedown cruise getting ready for the FCS heavyweights.
  16. TBR

    Montana St GDT

    A big pay by Alex Cloyd and a big sack salted this game away for the second straight week. The ISU hangover is gone.
  17. TBR

    Montana St GDT

    I won't miss pluto tv next year. Great picture on watch big sky today...pluto not so much.
  18. TBR

    Montana St GDT

    I am getting the game on big sky conference tv. Couldn't get it on pluto.
  19. TBR

    Cal Poly gdt

    I tired of the color commentator talking about how insightful he thinks he is. I thought the defensive play resulting in the sack on the CP qb on their final possession was a great call by whomever it was that dialed it up. It complimented the offensive call on 4th and 2 quite nicely. Something you don't hear often is UND out coaching its opponent but seems it happened tonight.
  20. Well yeah, there is that. But some people that are paid to care still don't. IIRC the NCAA sent a trophy intended for NDSU to Grand Forks just a few years ago.
  21. It's easy to distinguish USD from SDSU. One has "state" in its name the other does not.
  22. No one in the national media has trouble distinguishing Michigan from MSU, Arizona from ASU, Florida from Florida State. I've never understood why differentiating UND from NDSU is such a challenge.
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