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  1. Sounds like a totally flat performance... maybe overconfidence?? Either way that's on the coaches. I've said you guy gave us a good game. Your O-line did decent against 3 future NFL draftees. And though Studs wasn't able to stay in the pocket he extended every passing play and was only sacked once. No way you guys should have had that bad a game as you had against USD if you played with the same intensity as you did at Utah. Lines win games at every level. Maybe you should be playing a 4-3 defense. Might have to get creative recruiting. I know you fans do all you can financially. Maybe, start a program volunteer tutoring high school kids while wearing UND gear. i mean you can't actively recruit them, but you can build some loyalty and in the mean time help some kids get into college. Honestly, North Dakota is a hard state to recruit... same with Montana and Wyoming... harsh winters make it hard to get out of state students. 750,000 for the whole state population and you are competing with NDSU for in state commits. Trust me, Utah is probably the third hardest school to recruit to in the Pac-12... only Oregon State and Washington State have it worse.
  2. Utah has this motto in their locker room: YOU'RE EITHER ALL IN OR IN THE WAY
  3. Very sloppy... we left like 4 touchdowns on the field and settled for FGs due to stupid penalties. Statwise we dominated them but gave them 6 easy points with a fumble on our 20.
  4. Their new QB was on fire. Cantwell passing 25/44 431 yards 1 TD 0 Int... rushing 20 carries for 61 yards and 1 TD.
  5. Actually when p-5 schools have to cancel their side of a home and home the pay out is in the millions. Same if a team wants to schedule a 2 for 1...
  6. Weber State looked good against Cal this past weekend. Big Sky team to watch.
  7. Actually it's kind of the filpside here at Utah. Whittingham has been here forever and it's Troy Taylor's first year as OC. But fans are calling for Whitt to keep his paws off the offense and let us see what Taylor can do. Whitt is brilliant at defense and special teams, but offense isn't his forte and he should just stay out. And we can tell when he doesn't, because something will pop up on the offense that is uncharacteristic of Taylor and familiar, so we know its Whitt. Good coordinators are a combination of good recruiters, good developers, good schemers and good X's and O's coaches. Its pretty rare to find all 4 in a coordinator. Harder to keep them (even at the highest FBS levels, because someone is going to offer them an HC position). So generally want a head coach that is good at recruiting and hiring talented coordinators and coaches. You want your coordinators to be good at schemes and adapting to schemes in game (X's and O's) and good at recruiting, evaluating the talent at hand and coordinating the coaches. At the coaching level you want good teaching of fundamentals, developing players and teaching schemes (and recruiting). Simple, neh? Add on to that you can only have 10 coaches total per NCAA. So if you can find a coordinator that doubles as a position coach like Troy Taylor who is OC and QB coach, bonus. I guess what I am trying to say is enjoy the good, tolerate the bad, if you can, (like having a good recruiter, developer and schemer who is bad at X's and O's in game) and focus on how you can keep the good things you do have. The most popular saying I see across every fan forum/blog/message board is "This is why we can't have nice things." There is no pleasing all the fans all the time.
  8. I used to live in Baltimore and there are parts of DC that scare me.
  9. Nice she made it to Semi finals... She's a cutie,,,,
  10. Best part... larger margin of victory than Missouri... and your defense was light years ahead.
  11. Congrats Hawks... Impressive win against that fearsome Missouri St offense
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