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  1. These two are almost as annoying as the Olson twins. Instead of expressing their opinion, why don't they try to solve the problem. Donate the funds needed to keep the sport, or tell Kennedy what sports he should have cut instead of women's hockey.
  2. Tony wasn't a Finance major while at UND. There's a simple solution, one of these NHL superstars just needs to cut a check to UND.
  3. 61hawk

    UND Budget Cuts

    No, he said it was better to cut one sport than four. So he's in favor of keeping men's and women's tennis and swimming and diving. That leave five individual sports to choose from that can cut $1.3 million from the budget. I simply asked him which of the sports he would cut.
  4. 61hawk

    UND Budget Cuts

    Refresh my memory, how much revenue do these four sports (men's and women's swimming & diving, men's and women's tennis) generate? What one sport do you suggest we cut, pick one... men's hockey, women's hockey, football, men's basketball or women's basketball.
  5. 61hawk

    UND Budget Cuts

    How much would be saved if they cut Men's and Women's Tennis & Swimming and Diving? If not enough then go after soccer.
  6. I'm not arguing with you, and don't mean any disrespect to you or your brother, but something doesn't add up for me. This may be mainly from my lack of knowledge on his coaching history over the past 18 years. With the credentials and contacts that you stated (and I do realize you have a bias as you mentioned in this matter), it seems odd that he would be coaching at the 2-year college level where it doesn't appear the team has any traditional "scholarship" players. I am concerned somewhat about his ability to recruit, since I don't know or see a recruiting history. I assume Pete is looking at other schools as well, otherwise why would he already have his coaching staff set. I guess that I'm just focused mainly on getting someone at UND who has proven to be successful at the 4-year level. I work at USC and can use their football program as an example, when Brad Scott was fired the Athletic Director brought in Lou Holtz, and then after Holtz left, he brought in Steve Spurrier... this is what I think UND needs to do at this point, bring in an established and historically successful coach. Getting someone who could draw fans soley on his name would be a bonus and only help in recruiting. I realize that UND is not going to get a DI national championship head coach, but there must be some head coaches at DII or NAIA... or even DI championship level #1 assistant coaches that would be willing to make the step to a head coach in DII. For me there are just some holes that need to be filled before I could be 100% comfortable with this selection. From the names they brought in so far, I'm not comfortable with any of them... and I would have to review all the applicants a little more closely before I could even pick who I thought they should have brought in for the first round of interviews.
  7. Why do people get all excited about Mike Boschee? He's been mentioned a couple times. As a head coach his record is 24-52 at a lower level college. Sure he's a local boy, but so are coaches Dave Vonesh, Todd Olson and many others who played for UND. These coach's records as players should play a minimal amount in the interviewing process. Boschee should hold off applying to a larger school until he can put together at least one above .500 season in the lower ranks. As far as Pete, I went to school with him at UND and am glad to find out where he and Julie landed. As good a friend as he was in college, I still don't know if I could give him complete 100% support for this position at this point in his head coaching career when comparing him to some of head coaching careers of the other applicants. Maybe someday, but not today. I could see him as head coach at Mayville, Wahpeton, Minot, Mary, etc. first in the near future. I think he'd be taking two steps up the ladder instead of one at a time. I could see if his record mirrored Roebuck's, but Roebuck had won a couple national titles by the time he interviewed at this level... at the same time recruiting and coaching another sport (baseball). I would agree that if they're going to interview the 3-4 that they picked, I don't think Pete or Mike are any less qualified and could be brought in. Obviously the committee sees something I don't when looking over the applicants. I doubt the committee will be done interviewing after these initial candidates... or at least I hope not because I'm not overly impressed.
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