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  1. OK. Here it is. Once. This left/right Dem/Rep non-sense is just that: non-sense. All it takes is for one of each party to vote yes and one of each party to vote no to prove it as such. If I find any more left/right Dem/Rep bickering in this thread a) it gets shut down b) some posters go on a long, long vacation from this forum You agreed to this when you created your account here, specifically "No politics ... ". Check the link in my signature for details. I've wasted 15 minutes of my life cleaning up this thread so I wouldn't have to close it because I still hold out hope for it. Don't disappoint me.
  2. UND's Electrical Engineering Department chairman, Richard Schultz, stepped down Monday due to extreme health issues. We are losing a great educator, engineer, and person. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  3. Dear poster called "USAHockey", Please post links rather than 750 line posts that no one will read anyway. Signed, Dude with Moderator Powers
  4. Yo, K'beis ... I think I can beat that. I've been to five Frozen Fours: 2001 - Albany 2005 - Columbus 2006 - Milwaukee 2007 - St. Louis 2008 - Denver You'll be happy to know I'm staying home.
  5. Ah-ha ... so it's not just me. I've been a season ticket holder since Alerus opened and it's over an hour one-way by car for me. Yesterday I was sitting next to my wife, who is far from a problem fan. She'd crossed her leg and rested a knee on the seat back in front of us. She then extended that leg so her foot was hanging in free space. Call it a disgusted reclined slouch given what she was forced to watch by the home team. Security rushed in to tell us you can't have a foot up on a chair back. That was it for me. For the second time ever I walked out of a UND Athletic event. The first was the USF debacle. (We left the USF game because we observed Alerus security, FOUR security people, roust a young couple, that I could see were clearly of age, for their ID for having a beverage. Did I mention this couple was sitting with what looked to be one of their parents? Nice treatment in front of the in-laws for one of them, eh?) We were the only two people in a vast open area of seats and her leg resting on an open chair back is an issue. We weren't blocking a view. We weren't putting any undo wear onto the facility. And right across the aisle from us was a group of people with legs slung over the chair backs and dirty shoes being put onto the seats. (Now that's undo wear.) And as we were walking out we passed another man who was seated with a leg up similarly and security had to have seen that too. Can you say inconsistency? What wasn't the issue were the people who stood in the aisle in front of us blocking our view on at least three occassions during just the second quarter. Nope, being comfortable was the problem. On the way out I asked to have my tickets scanned out. I was asked why because there is no re-entry. I said to speak to management about this undo security presence (no, really it's domination). Funny, I've had days where I scanned in and out of REA multiple times to meet people in the main lobby but it's a problem at Alerus? I didn't talk to Alerus management. Why continue to be treated as if you're doing something wrong by just showing up. This same person (the evil leg rester wife of mine) was at a Wild game recently. She couldn't remember security at the game other than at the turnstiles or to verify she was headed into the right section. Interesting comparison. So, we left and headed over to REA to catch what was left of the OSU at UND womens hockey game. We walked in there (main lobby), were greated by a "green jacket", and went right in. We sat close enough to the benches to smell "gear stink" and saw a much faster game than either of us expected. Almost as a taunt I crossed a leg and put an actual shoe (gasp!) on the chair back in front of me. Nothing. Nada. Matter of fact, we were greeted ("thanks for coming", "good night") by another "green jacket" and a uniformed REA guard on the way out after. There's another interesting comparison I'd say. Now UND Football has to convince us why we'd want to renew season tickets we've had since Alerus opened and why we'd ever want to go back there. Signed, A Fighting Sioux Club member and donating Alumnus Closing Thought: We're not big tailgaters because of our drive. However, we have stopped for post-game to see friends on occassion. The requirement to be cleared out within what feels to be a far too short period of time (I think you have to be gone in like 45 minutes after the final gun) seems to be as detrimental to tailgating as anything. The people I last visited were genuinely concerned about being out on time so they wouldn't have to face the wrath of Alerus security. And it was real as I witnessed Alerus security coming through and "heavily encouraging" people to be on their way.
  6. Phil Collins music in pregame just seems so wrong .... Are you ready? Much better.
  7. To All, Stop the unnecessary vulgarities. Stop the personal attacks. Or I will. GDM Forums Moderator SiouxSports.com
  8. I've created a Wiki page for 2008 early departures at http://wiki.siouxsports.com/doku.php/2008_...arly_departures Anyone interested feel free to reformat or update it as needed. GDM Forums Moderator SiouxSports.com
  9. This one's done folks. GDM Forums Moderator SiouxSports.com
  10. Watch the personal attacks and name-calling. GDM Forums Moderator SiouxSports.com
  11. Watch the 'humor' folks. Thank you. GDM Forums Moderator SiouxSports.com
  12. Folks, Discussions like this "procedure" are for PMs, or email, or separate threads in the Community forum. Thanks. GDM
  13. GDM


    Are we setting up for a repeat of the situation from last year?
  14. PCM is not suspended. To state otherwise is to state something that is false.
  15. Two quick things: The board policy is to not repost items from other boards. Civility please. Stop with the name-calling and personal attacks. Thank you for keeping both in line. GDM Forums Moderator SiouxSports.com
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