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  1. I have physical tickets and will be at both games and can personally hand you the ticket. I am looking for face ( $40.00 ) + ticket charges for them. Here is what I have: Friday: Section 6, row 6 seat 13 Saturday: Section 5, Row 7, seat 7
  2. forgot to mention, the tickets are in pdf form but can also be e-tickets which I can easily email.
  3. We have 2 extra tickets for sale for the game on Friday night ( February 1, 2019 ). Seats are in section 4, row 4, seats 5 and 6. Looking to get what I paid for them. We will be at the game on Friday so we can meet up to exchange\have a beer or 2 before the game if that helps. PM or text 720-934-1960
  4. If - Cammy doesn't let in the cheapy 2nd goal....maybe tomorrow would be Christmas If we played a bit more physical....maybe tomorrow would be Christmas Butts...we played well....just not good enough. Bottom line. If If's and butts were candy and nuts - hell, every day would be Christmas. We are close...BUT not close enough. Merry Not in the NCAA's. #Mph #littlethingsleadtowins
  5. Things have changed over the last 7-8 years in terms of our team identity ( and mascot ). We need someone to step up and figure out where we go from here. The days of the Fighting Sioux physical\smart\hard working hockey seem to be over - for now. I think we can still play physical\smart\hard working hockey - watch the Beanpot games. Those teams seem to play like we used to - prior to having our identity taken away. After watching the game tonight vs. Miami, we have no identity. We seem to have lost our physical play. The drive that made us...well...the Fighting Sioux. I am curious to
  6. I have one ticket to tonights game vs. DU 11/18/2017. Section 7, row 3 seat 3. Face value - $35.00
  7. I have one ticket to tonights game vs. DU 11/18/2017. Section 7, row 3 seat 3. Face value - $35.00
  8. My two cents is just play smarter hockey. I think there is a bit of line chemistry that needs to happen which every team grows into - but there are a lot of fundamental hockey decisions being made right now that are not the correct decisions.
  9. Andy Murray's teams typically play good defensive games. Typically they are not a PWR 10 or better. This year once again he has a good defensive team and he has offensive players to support it. Kuddos to Andy\WMU. We got beat. Pick up the pieces and move on.
  10. I have two sets of tickets to the Colorado College Tigers vs. Uniersity of North Dakota hockey games on January 27, 2017 and January 28, 2017. I just want to sell them for face value since we have other tickets we will be using instead. The ticket details are: Section 104, Row C Seats 3 and 4. Both sets of tickets are in the same section, row and seats both nights. I live near Colorado Springs so I can either email, mail or deliver the tickets to Colorado Springs\World Arena on game day.
  11. Is it possible to try to write without using double negatives? Or not.
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