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  1. Sorry to see that he was relegated to the ECHL. I hope that he can climb back up and out of there.
  2. I have to think that one of the issues is the slow build of NCHC rivalries. We used to sit in line in shifts down in Wilkerson waiting to get goofer and bucky tickets for the old barn. The students would line up with pillows and backgammon boards up and down the tunnels for those. Turning those around into big rivalries with DU and JBSU or UMD just isn't the same as taking on the gophs with their Minnesota-only purist mentality. They were/are easy to hate. There will always be some teams that don't fill the house, especially non conference matchups like Clarkson, Air Force, Northern Mich., etc. It's those rivalry games that pack the house and get the rafters rockin'. Along with the "third period home ice bump" as mentioned above, we need to build those rivalries and get them festering. :-)
  3. It's tough to get sweeps on the road, and our best players weren't on the ice, but a championship team finds a way to win these. Good grit at the end, 3+ min of empty net without being scored on is a positive, and the goal with 24 sec left is also a positive. But...we gave the second half of the first period to them and we didn't have to. That, and a couple of penalties we didn't need to take, made the difference. Western will play 60 min. We need to show up. As Oxbow said, the next 4 games are huge for this team. We need to put league points in our pocket.
  4. UND v. Wisco - Outdoors. Lambeau Field. Book it. To get after the popcorn skunks on hallowed wisconsin ground...that's just too much incentive. Not to mention the tailgating.
  5. His backhanded fist to Ethier's upper lip in the national championship game was one for the ages. A little payback for the water bottle. It would be fun to see him take a mock run at the Wisco bench, just for grins. Well, ok...no fisticuffs before the game but I wax nostalgic. 81-82 was quite a season.
  6. Cam's numbers so far this year: 2018-19 Binghamton Devils AHL 4 Games 4.59 GAA .846 SV% Something tells me he's not smiling very much.
  7. Have we burned the ships yet? Simple question.
  8. Very sad day, indeed, and Saskatchewan boys too. Our hearts go out to their families and teammates.
  9. Providence wins, Clarkson wins and Michigan Tech wins I believe UND is in, win, lose or tie. If we win or tie Duluth I believe that we don't need Tech to win.
  10. Hulu will give you the first 7 days free, if you need to cut the cord again. :-)
  11. Thanks. Perhaps we can run them purple.
  12. Have to play smart. Hands on sticks, sticks on ice. No retaliatory penalties and absolutely NO penalties 200' from your goalie. Keep the intensity and fire from this weekend stoked. Make Omaha hook and grab, make them slash and cross-check you in front of their net. And play knowing you can skate with #1 so these purple cows don't belong on the ice with you. And score more goals than they do. That is all. GO SIOUX!!!
  13. Yep. It would be great to make a run in St. Paul and get past that play in game. Would much rather go 4 of the next 5.
  14. They could easily get bumped. Union...BC...not to mention any non #1 seed winning WCHA conference tourney
  15. It's tough to beat the cup cham.... St. Cloud is loaded with tale... We haven't had a great second ha... Screw it. Kick their butts. GO SIOUX!!!!
  16. Presumably the smoking remains of ship hulls litter the beach?
  17. 808287

    UND vs. CC

    TCOS or die trying. Just sayin'.
  18. Coach should consider two forwards with the 3x3. Just sayin. Injuries considered, 2 points isn't the worst outcome. Better than being swept, less than a split. 8 games left, 24 big points to go. Let's heal up a week and then go after 'em!
  19. Ok, well, a late goal to tie this is better than how last weekend ended. One point in hand. Let's get three tomorrow and win the weekend. GO SIOUX!!!
  20. BURN EM!!!! Hmm...marshmallows anyone?
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