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  1. If that's all it takes, we're good. I'd gladly share a pint (or two) with a fellow Sioux fan any day.
  2. Smokey's gone, man. Replaced with some other knowledgable poster.
  3. Adam Mark Burish is an American former professional ice hockey winger who played in the National Hockey League with the Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks. He is currently an analyst covering Blackhawks games on NBC Sports Chicago.
  4. Different experience than mine, but good on you! Well done!
  5. That won't work if you don't have Big Ten Network in your cable pkg. I'm listening to TH on iHeart radio.
  6. Yep. Confirmed. No web purchase at BTN2Go. Paging Mr. Hennesey.....
  7. I see that, but the description dies not indicate it covers games on btn2go...very vague. Thanks.
  8. Anyone know if you can simply buy a webcast if you don't have Big Ten Network in your cable pkg? Thanks
  9. Coach says they were outworked for first two periods. Desperation in the third wasn't enough. Execution and passing weren't there. Too much puck chasing in the first 30 minutes. Inconsistent play, can't take a shift off. Friday nights need to be better.
  10. 21 minutes of solid hockey. It would be nice to see 60 tomorrow.
  11. Spot on. Teams that hang banners score 5x5; we'll need some of that to go along with the back end D.
  12. Solid weekend of hockey for the men in Green. Puck went their way tonight, and the PK is solid. Tonight was a good confidence builder, and I see a team ready for the conference play to begin. GO SIOUX!!!
  13. If the men in green keep their feet moving for 60 minutes each night, our odds of sweeping are pretty good. If we have passengers and pylons, and fall for the retaliation penalties, even a split will be tough. That said, GO SIOUX! Kick some rodent *as.
  14. 4 goals and nine pts in the last 7 games of last season, but yeah, that net was gaping.
  15. Mike Gornall, thank you for giving UND your very best.
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