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    Hobey Baker

    For the group of three finalists, who are the voters for the winner and when is their vote submitted ? OR Does the voting which determined the hat trick also choose the winner and it's just announced later?
  2. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/487110-tests-indicate-coronavirus-can-survive-in-the-air Preliminary but noteworthy.
  3. CC just cancelled on campus classes through at least April 15th https://www.denverpost.com/2020/03/10/colorado-college-online-education-coronavirus/ “Students should plan to remain off campus from Spring Break through at least the end of Block 7, and possibly the rest of the academic year,” university officials wrote. “Students, when you leave for Spring Break, please take your essential belongings — including medications and items needed for study — with you now. You may wish to take all of your belongings.” Hopefully they let the team travel to North Dakota.
  4. CC just cancelled on campus classes through at least April 15th “Students should plan to remain off campus from Spring Break through at least the end of Block 7, and possibly the rest of the academic year,” university officials wrote. “Students, when you leave for Spring Break, please take your essential belongings — including medications and items needed for study — with you now. You may wish to take all of your belongings.”
  5. This is the most jacked up this arena has been since 2015-16. Tied 1-1 after two. Like two price fighters going tow-to-tow, just constant back and forth high end intense hockey blows being traded back and forth. Typical Denver ref. Situation. Just by Random chance sitting right next to Weatherby's dad was quite cool when he popped that one in.
  6. My first post on here since the week before the national championship game in 2016. Couldn't figure out how to change my name and I didn't want to make a new profile. I'm outside the doors of Magness Arena and the bells are ringing. I have a strong sense that the doldrums are over starting tonight. So I guess I'm just going to have to post this with the wrong name. Yeahbaby9 signing in!
  7. It might have been a wee bit inappropriate, but I bought up the Tampa bay rape hotline and showed it to them so that they could forward it to their team following the Sat night game. Is that bad?? # yikes!!
  8. Quinippiac fans invade Sioux pregame party.
  9. Dont be nervous this team has it. Does anyone have the address or the name of the business that has the pre-game party?
  10. Anybody downtown that can give me Insight on what scalpers are asking for tickets. We're on our way down there now to check it out
  11. Well I won't get into a debate comparing #8 with LJ. Schmaltz is a special player with rare skills AND I agree he had probably his best game as a Sioux yesterday. He hustled, played physical, won puck battles and played with a grit and determination that I had not seen before. LJ also played, imo, his best game game as a Sioux. Seemed like everytime he was on the ice he completely dominated physically (and not over the edge) and won the battles (usually easily) and made the good play to advance the puck. I noticed both him and Schmaltz in a positive way more than anyone else through the course of the game. LaDue and Poolman are my honorable mentions in the great game award. Poganski had a great game too but he always does right? Stecher the Lion (that's what I call him) had a good game but I consider him the best player on the team so yesterday was a middle of the road game for him. That is in no way any kind of criticism. I'm looking for Stecher to be the man tonight. Again I think he is the best player on the team. Actually, I should be honest about it, I think Stecher is the best player in the Country but sports fans are a numbers based people and he isn't #1 in any categories. He should be in Hobey conversations in my book... ...and then we could talk about Boeser. He sure can take over! Every once and a while he does something that makes me skip a breath and remind me that he is a freshman(mostly in the defensive zone) but he is a rare talent that is for sure. And I love his grit. We are so lucky as Sioux fans to have all of these great players to go on and on about. Lot's of opportunities there for sure.
  12. Any discussion of best player on the ice yesterday would have to include Luke Johnson and I think you should be the one to say it. Lol Johnson set the pace with which the Sioux so impressively played that game...
  13. Don't forget about the part where they kept throwing the puck out of the rink when we were putting pressure on them in their zone....
  14. Tonight I decided to watch the 2nd and third period of the semifinal Duluth game to see how active the D men were in the offensive zone in those periods. (In the first post of this thread I outlined the first period)... -yes runaroundsioux I can't sleep either... So here is what I found. Actually even though I went into the whole analysis of last Friday's game wanting to check out how involved our D core was or was not offensively, I have to say what I found was quite astonishing. So much so that I'm starting to wonder if it was maybe by design? Anyway, During 5 on 5 play in the entirety of the game(all 60 min) we had a Defensmen posses the puck and then pass it in the zone a grand total of four times. The first time, as I mentioned earlier, it was at the 7 min mark of the first and that possesion resulted in a goal.(I confirmed this tonight also by zooming and changing contast settings on my tv I was able to see the puck, I took a pic of it with my camera. I just need to download it to my pc to upload here...it was a goal).. Here is what happens the rest of the way. Follow along to see what happens next time we have a D man pass the puck in the zone... 2nd period 12:29 Thompson shot of a loose puck 11:00 two keep ins by D 8:20 passed to Stecher and he one timed it. 7:30 Duluth goes up with 3-1. At this point in the game North Dakota has only had one instance where they get in the zone, got it to a defenseman and he made a pass. And this resulted in a goal which did not count precisely one period earlier. 5:20 This is the second time in the game North Dakota got it to the defenseman and he move the puck around i.e. passed it. This resulted in a goal by Stecher!!! ...So yes folks that right, two offensive zone possesions and passes by our awesome D-core have occured in the entirety of 5 on 5 play up to this point in the game and they both have resulted in a goal.... 4:40 Simonson pass to Poolman who shoots it. No d pass or skate.. 3:05 d to d. Stecher shots. * first d to d pass in the game which DOESN'T result in a goal. Yes folks that is correct... 1:15 Asmus single possesion, shots it. :15 Thompson single possesion. He Shoots it. 3rd period 16:50 two keep ins by LaDue 15:40 Stecher joins the rush and turns it over. 11:00 Tonanado spears poolman and dives throwing up his hands. Lol... 7:10 one possesion, one pass to schmaltz . Announcer said they were buzzing.. 4:32 D man keeps it in. Thats all... game over.... Four times in the entire game our defenseman posses the puck and passes it. Two result in Goals while one other results in the announcer saying were "buzzing". Here is what all of this says to me: Get it to our D and we will destroy anyone in the tournament. Play to our strenghts and we will win. Go Sioux!!
  15. Here is your money shot. Tap it to zoom in.. the shadowy looking streak is the puck. It's the unmistakable sight of a goal being scored.
  16. Frame 2-AC Area of impact on pad still not to the line.
  17. Frame 1AC Goalies pad is still inside the line. You can't even see the puck and you won't see it for about 6 or 7 more frames and then it appears on the way up and out. (See above for that frame-another post from someone else has a shot of it.) At this point the puck is absorbed into the pad. Like a golf ball mashes onto a golf club face. It is impossible for us to see it as the pad and the puck are both very dark. Hence my assertion that pads should be by rule white. Oh and further, until they change that rule our goalie should wear as much black as possible. Why not? Again this picture would clearly show a goal if you could distinguish the puck from the pad...put it this way, if that pad was white we would probably be watching the Sioux at the excel this weekend...
  18. Here we go.. As you can see the puck streak extends into the red line meaning that unless that goalie is superman and can swing his foot to meet the puck in the very instant this frame ends the puck is going to cross that line@! For the naysayer who says, "But he could be super leg kicker super goalie man". Well Mr. Skeptic check the next post and let me introduce you to the glove that don't fit-the next frame, frame 1-AC (yes that stands for after crossing).
  19. Now for frame 1-BC Puck is right were you would expect extrapolating what you saw between 3-BC and 2-BC. Next shot is the money shot! (Did I just say that, Yikes@#%#@)
  20. Here we have the next frame 2-BC. Again notice the trajectory and notice how far the puck traveled in-between frames. The blur is the same length indicating as one would expect no significant change in velocity. Also, it is pretty evident that the puck is up on its side based on how thin the line is. Not that this matters..
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