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  1. So is the NCAA going to refund tickets or just take our money and tell us sorry for ya?
  2. Mavpuck must be the same woman who was screaming at the top of the stairs at the end of Saturday nights game “your not the Sioux anymore! You are the Hawks. Ask the reservation what they want to be called!”
  3. J poehling needs to be suspended for next game based on the rear naked choke slam he does to Kierstad at the end of the game
  4. Bumping this thread one last time. I have 6 for Friday night and at least 4 for Saturday maybe 6. Box office is $43 a ticket. $30 a ticket and I will leave them at will call. Pm if you are interested
  5. I still have 6 tickets left for each night. Please PM if you are interested as I don't check the thread, just my PM's
  6. Mine is choppy and keeps resetting every 15 minutes or so. Been doing it all season so far. Any suggestions as far as the feed would be helpful.
  7. This was a group purchase of 20 or more. Single game tickets on sale September 19
  8. Hello I made a group purchase to this series and have 8 tickets left for each night. The tickets will be mailed to me at the end of September. They are lower bowl Sioux attack zone twice right behind the goal. I would like to sell the whole lot to one person and if someone wants the whole lot or wants all of Friday or all of Saturday I will go $25 a ticket. I will sell in quantities of 2 and they will be $30 a ticket of $60 for the pair. Thanks for looking PM me if you are interested. Noco Sioux

    UND vs DU

    Just bought an extra ticket for my group. Still a lot of tickets left for both nights in the lower bowl.
  10. I have two tickets for both Friday night and Saturday night this weekend Sioux vs Denver. Lower bowl Section 6 row 7 each night. $30 a ticket pm or text 970-231-2361
  11. Fellow Sioux fans I have two tickets for sale each night in Omaha this coming weekend Section 122 Row L. They are behind the Sioux attack zone twice goal. Face value is $40 a ticket. They are the same seats both nights. I'll take $100 for all 4. I will be getting into Omaha on Thursday night the 17th. I can meet up on Friday or at the arena before the game Friday night. PM or text Dillon 970-231-2361


    I sent them this exact picture to replicate. Oh well. It’s not game worn so it’s close enough. Thanks for the nitpicking. I always love seeing your input on jerseys.
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