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  1. Don't forget the 2 shoulder patches per jersey, and any future championship banners. Not quite 2500 but getting there.
  2. Great looking board. Can’t wait to see GOAL with UND sticks in the air. This alone should attract people that have never been to the REA before. The best arena just got better.
  3. I think Augie should join as we need more teams to keep the conference strong and who knows what the future holds with teams like IPFW, Oral Roberts and Western Illinois.
  4. Maybe the Title IX folks need to take a trip 70 miles south of UND.
  5. https://www.fanatics.com/ndsu-bison-colosseum-hockey-jersey-green-/p-13593756495408+z-9071-1984027501
  6. People will show up against 3 Dakota teams and UNI, but how many will show up against the likes of Georgia State, ULM, and Arkansas St? Not only would they have the smallest stadium but a trip to the New Orleans Bowl against Middle Tennessee St like the 2018 champs App State did, doesn’t scream excitement.
  7. So you think NDSU is going to have a 15,000+ attendance each game year after year? We saw how well NDSU sold tickets prior to 2010 with a half filled dome and tickets sold at Stop N Go. At least G5 teams have some bigger stadiums so in case they crap out a season they can still make the 15k minimum.
  8. Or just DAKOTA diagonally.
  9. $119,224 profit? Does that go to legal fees?
  10. Not to mention they would have the smallest dome that the FBS would have (now that Idaho is back to the Big Sky), with no replacement for the 27 year old dome in sight with money problems both NDSU and Fargo has, and by money problems with NDSU I mean they did have to cut corners on the SHAC by reusing old seating from the BSA because money was running out, plus diversion and property tax problems Fargo voters won't accept paying for a new dome. So unless NDSU unveils the 35,000 seat Carson Wentz Stadium, NDSU is in the FCS for good unless there is a split at the FBS level.
  11. The KEM Center home of UND football.
  12. https://s3.amazonaws.com/undsports.com/documents/2019/5/17/FY_2017_NCAA_Report_Filed.pdf We had 1.4 mil of profit last year, travel expenses went from 3.1mil in 2017 to 2.8 mil in 2018 so saving $300,000 helps.
  13. I was at that game. That Hyslop was rockin!!
  14. darell1976

    2019 Season

    I hope you put your money where your mouth is. Bison fans look at 2015 for reference of the upcoming game, UND fans look at recent history. UND is 3-2 since 2000 in the series, and no one from the 2015 game is playing in this years game. Bison has a new coach, new QB, but UND has a new OC which should open the playbook up and put more points in the board. Remember 34-13 UND in 1994, of course you don’t Bison records don’t start until 2010. So I think this game will be a lot different than 2015 with a different team winning.
  15. Why isn't softball played in the Alerus all year. I am sure the attendance would be more plus earlier home games will attract more fans instead of waiting for the snow to melt.
  16. Maybe people like that one more because of who made it and less what it looks like.
  17. Well what do you expect from Bison fans.
  18. I don't see why the oldest schools in SD and ND can't play for the Sitting Bull Trophy. Its about a historical burial than two mascots on a coin which the nickel represented. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/28961
  19. Welcome Coach Sather. Looking forward to a great season of UND basketball. Let’s win that Summit League and go to the dance.
  20. Let’s all agree what we want to see on the scoreboard is the word GOAL with UND sticks in the air.
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