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  1. No playoffs, no Bubba. Chaves better have a list of replacements ready cause if we play like this all year we would be lucky to win 3 or 4 games.
  2. Defense can’t tackle worth a sh*t.
  3. Rocky did make the rivalry fun, especially when we beat him.
  4. I’m sure it does for the big rivalry game against the Jacks.
  5. You could go 11-1, and if that one is to those son of a guns north of us, your seasons not a success.—Rocky Hagar, Football America
  6. Almost, we are tied with the two South Dakota schools.
  7. Not only was it stupid being said when we weren’t playing the Bison but now 4 years as the Fighting Hawks it’s makes even less sense, but whatever makes you happy.
  8. But Bison fans love records (and championships) from the past. Well it’s campus, as it’s NDSU’s property and their “classroom”.
  9. Bison 0-2 in the Alerus, and 2-4 in the Fargodome against us.
  10. Drive on 19th Ave N between the airport and I-29 and take a big sniff....cause that has to be the reason the speed limit is 50 on that little stretch of road. It’s a nice surprise for those headed to the freeway from the dome, the airport or coming into town from the interstate.
  11. Don’t forget the smell of animal sh*t on the west side of the campus from the animal research farms.
  12. No, we play Nebraska twice in the next decade.
  13. He looks like a character from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.
  14. Honors program up 9%. So proud my son is part of that.
  15. Fighting Hawks 45 Drake 7
  16. Just like people mistaking our interlocking ND logo to Notre Dame.
  17. We can all have hockey, basketball and football talk especially with winning teams like in the 90’s, when all 3 sports were successful. Football was winning conference titles and crushing the Bison, women’s basketball was winning back to back to back national titles and the hockey team in 97 won their first national title in 10 years. The school’s athletics was at the top it was not hockey vs basketball vs football. It was UND vs the NCC and WCHA. Let the hockey talk flow, let the football talk flow. Follow the sport you want and let’s all cheer UND to victory in all sports.
  18. Yep one whole playoff season, and two losing seasons. Why did he ever get fired from Nebraska, he is so awesome.
  19. GFC Maroon and Grey (I graduated as that), Redskins before that. Knights is 25 years old. Wahpeton Wops DL Satans
  20. Bubba started in 2014 after Mussman's 3-8 and 5-6 disappointing seasons, took Bubba a little bit to get things turned around compared to Bo who started in 2015 after 7-5 and 8-4 records at YSU. Bo saw immediate success with already a playoff type team waiting for him. 2018 UND 6-5 YSU 4-7 2017 UND 3-8 YSU 6-5 2016 UND 9-3 YSU 12-4 2015 UND 7-4 YSU 5-6 Overall: UND 25-20 YSU 27-22 I call it a little bit more success but not much. Take out 2016 for both teams and Bubba can say he turned a program around from the dumps to a playoff caliber team, where as Bo wouldn'
  21. Central was never the Pride. Pride was a voting choice like Sundogs was for UND.
  22. Helped my son move into his dorm, and saw lots of new Fighting Hawks students and parents with all types of Hawk shirts on. I see the picture of the class of 2023 they did at Memorial Stadium had the mascot pic on their shirt, could that be an alternate Hawk logo of the near future? Maybe they will start to market that more and more?
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