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  1. Can't they build bigger parking lots, they have all that land to the west to the interstate?? The Fargodome has overflowed to other parking lots but the Alerus has open land they could build a bigger lot.
  2. Look at Memorial Stadium i remember back in the day you had Reserve, General Admission and then the Student Section. What was wrong with that. Now you a little Reserve a lot of FSC seats and the student section. Why not have one half of the Alerus be just reserve and the other half for FSC and students.
  3. Why?? Bad seats? But on the upside the Alerus has good seating all around I was just hoping it would have been closer to the 50.
  4. The 15yd line can't be the best seats if all the good seats are gone due to the Fighting Sioux club. Really though is that fair to the average fan who doesn't want to shell out a lot of money to a club for the best seats in the house. I think all tickets except a handful for students should be up for grabs to the public not to the rich people. But this is America.
  5. Since I live in Fargo I cant wait to wear Green and White in the Fargodome.
  6. I just got my tickets through ticketmaster. I picked the best 2 seats available and I get the 15 yard line. What the hell??? Are all the good seats taken by the Fighting Sioux Club?? I expect it on the Sioux side but does that extend to the visitor side? How about less FSC seats and more seats for the average Joe.
  7. darell1976

    FCS Map

    Looks like us, E. Washington and Montana are the most northern teams in the country. I wonder of those 3 who is further north?
  8. I can't wait to go to the game i haven't been to a game in 2 years. I am glad I have that night off of work so i can drive up to GF to go to the game. Tickets go on sale through ticketmaster at 10am next Thursday the 10th of Aug. I have never heard of Humboldt St. but i know the Sioux will come out and pound them. GO SIOUX!!!!
  9. I got a call from my brother in-law and his wife who were on their way to a St. Paul Saints game but thankfully were not on that bridge. I was on that bridge 10 yrs ago and you don't think what would happen if the bridge comes down when you are on it. I hope and pray that the death total is stopped and no more lives were taken. My heart and prayers go out to all the people and families affected by this tragedy.
  10. Does anyone know how much football tickets are for the 07 season??
  11. Thanks for the explaination.
  12. What is the Summit League?? And i would think Swimming would be the sports for the Sioux would pick first since they have an awesome S/D team. Any chance they could get a better place to play baseball? They either need to really overhaul Kraft or tear it down and rebuild it. They need something like Newman Outdoor Field here in Fargo. Any chance the Engelstad family could donate a new baseball stadium?? I was living in GF in 1996 when they added more bleachers for the GF Varmints minor league team, and I just think they could do more for that field.
  13. That would be sad. I wish UND, USD, NDSU and SDSU will be in one conference again. Anyone else from D2 moving to D1?? I thought maybe SCSU or Omaha would?
  14. Thanks to everyone that responded. Its kinda sad that they have to wait to become eligible for playoffs instead of being eligible right away but maybe the NCAA has a reason to do this. Can't wait to see new Sioux opponents especially in basketball, can we play Florida too or is that invitation just for the Bison . I was excited when the Sioux played Kansas years ago even though i knew the Sioux would get beat they played great against a D1 powerhouse.
  15. THis is my first post here. I am a die hard green and white UND Fighting Sioux all the way guy living in Bisonville. Now that UND has moved to D1 i have some questions for Sioux fans and other fans as well. 1. Is it 5 years til the Sioux will be eligible for playoffs when they start D1-AA so 2013? 2. Is UND going to follow NDSU and eventually move to a better conference example the Gateway or Big Sky or etc. or stay in the GW? 3. Is a UND-NDSU game in works anytime soon?? I miss the hype and a Sioux victory over the Bison. And to add to my first question how long is UND not elegible for basketball? I heard its longer than football isn't it?? Any talk about a conference for UND basketball too. Thanks for letting my join in on this board.
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