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  1. I just came to edit my post. I actually agree all 4 are just as offensive to the people they're targeting. And CS is there too.
  2. I would think at least 3 of those deserve punishment but none of them are close to the n-word.
  3. The accusers are the victims in this situation. Who are you (or any of us) to tell people whether they should be offended or not. Especially about a racial slur. I live in 2020, where the teachings of Jesus are largely ignored by my fellow Christians. I don't see those being offended as casting stones.
  4. But why didn't UND get approval from both tribes? Because the leaders of one felt it was racist. I think there will be a significant change in hockey's use of Sioux. I'll be honest, I have a lot of Sioux gear but it feels really inappropriate to wear clothing with a giant Sioux head.
  5. While we are posting Bible verses, I think these are relevant: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+7%3A15-20&version=KJV
  6. There was a teachable moment the first time. Actions have consequences.
  7. You know those owners really need to make more money. Can't have them even getting close to breaking even.
  8. It's online only. If you have a smart tv/firestick/roku/etc you can download the app.
  9. There are a number of UND fans, myself included, who are now no longer able to watch non-hockey sporting events due to living overseas. Unfortunately, ESPN+ is one of the streaming services you can't get overseas, even using a VPN. While I understand it's great for many, there are some of us, including people who are serving overseas, who can no longer watch non- hockey events. Obviously, the time difference is a big deal too but with UND football games starting early afternoon, it was perfect for an evening game here.
  10. Encouraged to resign by some of the larger donors who now think they can control the program because they saved it.
  11. Any mention of those "reports" of UWGB going to D2?
  12. Yeah! Let's cheer for someone to get raped because they disagreed with a nickname choice.
  13. At least link to the article if you're going to steal his content.
  14. I've seen one random person tweet a question asking about dropping from D1. Please link to some of these "reports" you're seeing.
  15. 35 FCS schools with UA. 22 FBS. Most importantly, one of the schools is LIU, which just launched hockey. There must be an announcement about UTRGV hockey coming by that June 1 deadline.
  16. The women's head coach said they're receiving interest from D1 rejects and transfers who aren't playing much for their current teams. Also said they'd be able to field a competitive team right away based on that interest. Sounds like they'd have a competitive D3 team, but even AHA has players significantly above the D3 level.
  17. For the same reason UND doesn't need to offer women's hockey, the NE10 schools don't need to offer D1 men's hockey.
  18. Speaking of moving goal posts: Seems you are no longer talking about people 60 years and younger. and now you've shifted from under 45 to under 25. I guess that's what happens when your statistics stop backing up your horrible takes. It seems we saw a lot of similar posts here that are now featured on an unfortunately sad twitter profile.
  19. As the resident grammar nerd, I should have reorganized my sentence for you to say " I only returned back to work after three days of no symptoms and limited my time in stores." Some "heroes" carry guns to defend against the tyranny of staying at home. I guess it all depends on who you side with, but it seems those with confederate flags have yet to be on the right side of history.
  20. I too have met mafiaman and donated multiple times to giveaways for the hoggsbreath. Fortunately, I don't equate posts on a message board to the quality of a person. If I had, I'd assume you don't give a !@#$ about anyone over 45, which would wouldn't put you anywhere near a quality person here.
  21. As I mentioned prior, I sometimes forget that the U.S. didn't take this as seriously as the rest of the world in mid/late February. That's not a political thing, it's a failure across the board to recognize the seriousness of coronavirus. In late February, we were worried about the large gatherings in Cologne for Carnival and other large groupings. On a more serious note, Oktoberfest has been cancelled this year and all large events are cancelled through August 31st, including the Oberammergau Passion play that is only held every 10 years and includes more than 1,500 city residents in the play.
  22. In the future, please copy/paste the text as plain text into a post instead of as a screenshot. Also, since Sicatoka is such a stickler for the rules and consistently enforces them across the board, it'd be nice if you linked to the article in question: Also be sure to cite, and link if possible, the original source. Reward other sites for their quality material by sending them traffic (as opposed to stealing and reproducing their content).
  23. Apologies. I sometimes forget that while in late February, the rest of the world was already enacting measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus, the U.S. was still hearing "When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done." In late February, I had a minor cough and runny nose. The second I felt a tiny bit sick, I left work to finish the rest of the day at home. For the next two weeks, I limited my time in stores and only returned back to work after three days of no symptoms. I certainly wasn't alone in those actions either.
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