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  1. So during an emerging pandemic you chose to go to a hockey game while sick? I believe others have provided different definitions of the word idiot, but would certainly fit. We were told on March 6th that "anybody that wants a test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is." When that was obviously a lie, we were then told that "There’s 10 million tests that are in the market now, with 17 million more coming by the end of the month (March).” Also a lie. Excuse me if I don't believe everything that is said by the mouthpiece of the lackluster response. I'm just curious how this desire to reopen the country as soon as possible coincides with the new closure on immigration. I assume Mafiaman will be the first in line to pick up the need for farming or factory jobs.
  2. I intentionally chose to use a Fox News poll, as I assumed it would be better received by some here. Here's an NBC/Wall Street Joural poll that was released yesterday (was conductedfrom 13th-15th of April): https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6842659-200203-NBCWSJ-April-Poll-4-19-20-Release.html
  3. I would consider the 80% of people who are in favor of the national stay-at-home order for non-essential employees as part of the average American.
  4. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone where that first set of statistics came from.
  5. They said probably. I know this is difficult, fourth grade stuff, but here's pretty, moving pictures to explain: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/ping-pong-ball-video-social-distancing-coronavirus-mouse-traps-psa-covid-19-a9461746.html?jwsource=cl
  6. Thankfully, the virus also doesn't transmit from the under 44 to the over 44. Remember folks, it's better to have coronavirus than the flu says our medical expert. How many hospital beds do the under 44 need and take from the over 44? How many systems get overwhelmed because the olds have to die to keep the economy going.
  7. !@#$ those people over 44, amirite?
  8. Here's the thing... while you may not care about deaths of people over 45 years of age, I do. Would some of the people with pre-existing conditions over 65 die in the next year? Absolutely. Would this many of them? No, so why do we only care about people under 45? Below is one of the many posts where you said this wasn't the flu and that people under the age of 60 shouldn't be worried. Do you believe that's still the case? As I asked, but you didn't answer, why did you change your numbers to just people under 45? Because now, the numbers are showing that 25% of people who test positive in NYC, aged 45-64 have a 27% chance of ending up in the hospital. Could it be because someone aged 44-64 is 8 times more likely to die from Coronavirus? Give me 1, although there are none, just 1 cause of death in NYC that has resulted in more deaths than coronavirus in the past 3 months. Please quote where someone has said they are comfortable to keep the current lockdown measures in place until fall or through the year. There's a massive difference between that strawman and keeping the current lockdown in place for more than another week.
  9. I was curious why all of sudden you're only concerned about cases for people under 45. A couple of weeks ago, you were touting numbers for people under 65.
  10. While I haven't done much/any research on the situation in Scandinavia, using Switzerland as an example is a bad choice. Switzerland shares a border with northern Italy, where it was devastating to the communities there. You're always going to have more cases if you have an open border with a highly populated, major infection area. Looking at the numbers for Switzerland, they've never had more than 75 deaths in a day and are averaging 43.5 deaths over the last four days, much of which is due to a spike of 72 deaths on Sunday. As for Sweden, they just started getting an increasing death rate a week later than Switzerland. Only three of the last nine days have seen fewer than 76 deaths. It's fantastic that those three have been in the last four, but we also saw a jump of 114 deaths yesterday. Switzerland has seen a significant decrease in active cases each day of the last week. Sweden is all over the map, with about 500 new cases every day. It was never about pediatric deaths. We've known for two months that children weren't affected by coronavirus as much as older, less-healthy patients. But those children in schools are going to spread the virus even further to their relatives. That's why you shut down schools. Not to protect the children, but to protect those living with the children.
  11. And if we only select people who have the letter P in their last name, that's basically like 3 people. That many people died yesterday from eating ice cream too fast and their brain literally froze. Clearly, these stats show coronavirus isn't a problem.
  12. That's what can happen when the country shuts down, people stay home, and businesses receive the financial support they need to keep everyone employed. Even freelancers or self employed people are receiving significant financial help due to loss of business. Germany has handled this about as well as possible and we are already seeing the results as some public places are opening up again.
  13. If you're more concerned about the people that might scam the system vs the people that need the financial support, you need to figure out your priorities.
  14. My apologies. Lots of people become defecit hawks at interesting times.
  15. Why are you suddenly concerned about the defecit? It's been rising since 2017.
  16. Here's a hint... there is no "would be." He already is the laughingstock of the world.
  17. I agree it was a stupid segment and him and his guest were dumb. It happened more than a month ago, so I'm curious why it matters? A few weeks ago you posted it in an attempt to rebut open racists, sexists and xenophobes at a Trump rally.
  18. The last I had read, it wasn't settled. But I see now they're not getting bailed out.
  19. Not being able to do quick math on live TV isn't the worst offense there is. Stupid, yes but there's lots of stupid people who are good at talking on TV. And I agree the Kennedy Center shouldn't have recieved that extra funding.
  20. Why are there only two options? Why do we just accept horribly run companies as necessary? Why do we need to bail out airline companies a decade after doing it last time? Because they took advantage of the help offered. It was "me first" to them and their shareholders. The cruise companies that flag their ships outside of the US to avoid paying US taxes don't deserve a bailout to keep them afloat.
  21. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to provide for people in a time like this and none of them involve billion dollar payouts to companies that have shown they don't care about their employees. It's incredible how predictable the responses from the Fox news watching contingent are.
  22. The next decade? That's cute. Stop acting like a couple months is forever. I'm mocking the $1,200 because it's a one time payment that doesn't even cover rent or mortgage for a lot of people. It should be more and it should be regular until stores and restaurants are open again.
  23. It's very telling that your first reaction is to claim people are going to abuse the system. The true American way... me first. You know there are requirements to collect unemployment? Those wouldn't disappear. Just as the $600 a week isn't forever, neither world additional monetary support. I can imagine this scenario playing out "I'm sorry sir, you'll have to accept just a fraction of your salary, despite losing your job through no fault of your own. But there's someone who normally makes $13 an hour and under this system, they'd actually make $14. So instead, we will screw everyone else. " Remember, the boogeyman is just a story, not everyday life.
  24. What you call entitlements, I call support for people who lost their job due to no fault of their own. I know who pushed through the $600 and that's the point. Without them, there would have been nothing extra as evidence by those officials saying the extra should be taken away. It's still not enough but that's how compromise works these days.
  25. southpaw

    Hobey Baker

    Curious if Perunovich had been suspended for that horrible hit from behind, if that would have affected voting. That was textbook suspension worthy in the NCHC.
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