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  1. Congrats on the win last week Hawks. Best of luck this week. Round one recap and round two preview is below. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/fcs-playoffs-round-1-recap-round-2-preview
  2. 100% And the crazy thing was your first round opponent was picked even lower. This author is clearly an idiot! But for real, its been very fun seeing you guys do so well this year. Rooting for you.
  3. My FCS first round preview is below. Best of luck to you guys this weekend. I can say that because I wasn't allowed on MSU's board for some reason haha. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/2021-spring-fcs-playoffs-round-1-preview-predictions
  4. Hey man. I am just a dude doing this for fun because I enjoy FCS football. Not getting a penny for this. So please let me know if you see an error and I'll make sure to correct it. Thanks for reading.
  5. My final MVFC power rankings in advance of the playoffs. Congrats on the bid and good luck! https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/week-9-mvfc-power-rankings
  6. I take a look at the playoff picture in advance of selection Sunday below! Good luck Hawks! https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/fcs-playoff-picture-on-selection-show-eve
  7. Here are my playoff projections with one week to go if anyone is interested. Thanks and best of luck this weekend. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/fcs-football-playoff-picture-2
  8. Haha......well I am a UNI grad and can tell you.....UNI sucks this year haha.
  9. This week's power rankings below. I am rooting for you. Win and in. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/mvfc-football-week-9-power-rankings
  10. FCS Bracketology posted today. Check it out below. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/breaking-down-the-fcs-football-playoff-picture
  11. What a weird flipping year it has been. I hope you all find your way into the playoffs. Here are this week's power rankings. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/mvfc-football-week-8-power-rankings
  12. Here are my rankings for this week. Not much changed because not much happened. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/mvfc-football-week-7-power-rankings
  13. Hey Hawks, Tough week. New power rankings are in. I still think UND is in excellent position. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/mvfc-football-week-6-power-rankings
  14. Hello North Dakotans! I have new power rankings for your consumption. UND remains #1 ahead of the big one this weekend. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/mvfc-football-week-5-power-rankings I also recently posted an article on what an FCS/mid-major NCAA Basketball Tournament might look like if that is something you'd be interested in. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/alternate-reality-mid-major-basketball-championship You can follow me on Twitter @BeatMVC Thanks everyone. Best of luck this weekend.
  15. Fighting Hawks hold steady at the top of this week's power rankings. https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/mvfc-football-week-4-power-rankings Just FYI as the basketball season winds down, I intend to expand my FCS content. Stay tuned.
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