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  1. Are there any ticket discounts for this game?
  2. I know that they were considering cancelling the camp in early August also because of lack of enrollment. They have decided to keep it.
  3. In MN you can now charge whatever you can get.
  4. Any ideas on tailgating? Is it allowed and in what location?
  5. Two years ago they told us they didn't allow grills in the parking lot but they waited until we were headed into the game to tell us.
  6. Rob is a very good man and would be a great choice. He was definitely in favor of moving to D1 and told me so a few years ago while he was still at UND.
  7. I heard that he is done immediately.
  8. I would love to see either Roger or Rob come back.
  9. The word at tailgating is that Buning is leaving. No word on timetable.
  10. I lost my feed at halftime. What is the word on Chappell? He hasn't played for a while.
  11. I saw some for sale on craigslist.com minneapolis web site last night
  12. We found the radio feed at the Michigan web site. http://www.mgoblue.com/section_display.cfm...p=2&level=2
  13. Our coaches are pretty good at math. I think they will be OK.
  14. Is tailgating allowed at the stadium?
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