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  1. Is anyone truly surprised by this? The T&F athlete that was shuttled to Bismarck wrote a letter to the Herald about how the Sioux nickname was harming athletes (not being able to go to Minnesota meets).

    Kelley's had an agenda all along - it's not been difficult to see. Last spring when Kelley was able to declare that the SBoHE had declared the nickname retired, Kelley seemed almost jubilant and smug.

    Kelley's "agenda" is that he works for the SBoHE and follows their direction like most employees do who value their job. I am sure that if and / or when they change that direction he will too.

    I am not sure what you expect him to do in light of the fact that the state board is his boss.

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  2. Like I've always said, "The nickname and logo will be here long after Faison and Kelley are gone."

    Those two have to be looking at a different direction, or the majority will make sure they are ousted.

    Today, North Dakota said the hell with Political Correct Zealots, and yes, the vocal minority of the minority

    does not rule. Spirit Lake's vote does matter, vindication for Eunice Davidson, John Chaske and Standing

    Rock's Archie Fool Bear. Today, Majority Rules!

    Not sure what you think Kelley and Faison were supposed to do. They work for the SBoHE and were following their direction.

    I am guessing that they will change their stance when the board directs them otherwise.

  3. I am an idiot. When I went to pull these tickets thinking that they were for a committed Saturday buyer, I find out that they are for the FRIDAY GAME!! (We took care of the Saturday buyer with even better Saturday seats!, although only four for the same price due to the TicketBastard charges).

    As such, we have five (5) seats for the FRIDAY NIGHT GAME in Section 120 behind the net that the Sioux will shoot at twice. Great seats. Asking $160 which is what we paid SCSU ticket office. $30 each plus a transaction fee.

    Tickets are in the Twin Cities. If buying less than all five, I may also be able to personally deliver at the door. Or provide transportation to and from the Twin Cities to any takers.


    I am interested in 3 of them. That would leave you with a pair to sell. I am also located in the Twin Cities.

    Let me know if you are interested in doing that.

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