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  1. What an incredible wealth of knowledge in this board. Football, psychology, diet, travel. I hope Bill Chaves is paying attention. It's all right here.
  2. We don't compete with Big Sky schools in recruiting. Maybe UNC for Colorado kids. We compete with midwest schools. That's our footprint. The MVFC is a better comparison. Particularly NDSU, SDSU, USD, UNI. Sometimes Wyoming for top kids in MPLS. MAC schools on occasion. Big Ten (their walk-ons) become our partial or fulls. That's the reality. We have never had a recruiting footprint that matches the Big Sky. So S. Utah, Portland St., N. Arizona, the California schools and even the Montana schools are irrelevent to my point.
  3. Thank you Mama Sue. Great to see some common sense on here. See my thoughts below.
  4. "Solutions" You are delusional. You offer nothing. There is no value in an anonymous critic or critique. Period. And before everyone points out hypocrisy. Again, I am playing by the rules of the forum. When in Rome. Before I begin, YES I HAVE DONE EACH OF WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SUGGEST. Here's my thoughts. Step out from behind the moniker and visit with administration. Ask them why our players dress in a facility built just after WWI. Ask them why our coaches are still in Memorial. (Have any of you been in there lately.) Ask them why our locker room, weight room, and practice facility ar
  5. Or, maybe you can prescribe something stronger?
  6. Oh. That's right. It's a fan forum. All you need is a moniker, and a password and you are a football expert. My bad. That's the "fun" of sites like this. How stupid of me. Why stop at football. Next up, fightingsioux4life on the perils of multi national market diversity in a third world economy. I will hang up and listen. Bless your hearts.
  7. And your credentials, other than being king of this sh&$show?
  8. Bison Dan weighs in. The company you keep.
  9. You have a strange definition of "fun." I guess disparaging players and coaches without any personal responsibility is fun for you. Interesting. But, I guess that's what we can expect from middle school kids. Wait, what? These are adults? You're kidding. Right?
  10. No obsession. Trust me. Its just that you are not fit to assess Eric Schmidt in anything, let alone football. Stick to what you know. Then crawl behind your little Aaron Rodgers moniker. I'm sure you have the day off from school like all the other middle schoolers. Here come the mods: don't attack the posters even when they are full of sh*&
  11. No you are not Tom Miller. You've said there are "lots of people" who know who you are on here. So then you don't mind if I take your mask off?
  12. Not sure where the '14s fall in, some may be Muss, some may be Bubba. But after '14, its all the current staff. Uh oh, a couple All-Americans in there. But why mess up a good post with facts? 2014 QB Keaton Studsrud TE Luke Fiedler OL/DL Austin Cieslak DE Brandon Dranka DE Drew Greely LB Dylan Bakker CB Deion Harris PK Reid Tauberheim WR Luke Stanley 2015 RB Brady Oliviera WR John Santiago OG Patric Rooney OT Bryce Blair DL Steve Greer OLB Mason Bennett OLB Jade Lawrence S Zach Arnell
  13. If you have a problem with Coach Schmidt, I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss things with you at his office at Memorial. Oh right, you'd have to give up anonymity and actually face the person you're blasting. Not your style is it?
  14. Yup, 21 years old. A lot to learn. And yet, you hold yourself out publicly as a "man of faith," but on here, anonymously, you trash everyone and everything. You too have a lot to learn Doc.
  15. Nobody has said anything about hurt feelings, etc. There is no reasoning with the unreasonable, no rationalizing with the irrational. You have proven to be both whenever this issue is discussed.
  16. Not doing any of what you are saying. Disclosed the hyperbole (saying this is a logo, perspective) It's an analogy Clyde. How in the hell have I demonized anyone? Proof of NDSU dominating marketing? Look around fella. How you can't see that is beyond me. You can hate the logo. But when you use the logo to continually create division, that's something different. There's "omission," I HATE THE LOGO AND I WON'T BUY IT. Ok, fine. Then there's "commission." I HATE THE LOGO, I'M GOING TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW I HATE THE LOGO, THEN I'M GOING TO MOCK EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH THE LOGO, MAKES ME FEEL G
  17. Nothing personal. But there's my point. What you said represents what I was saying. "Forever " and "never " are awfully long times. Not sure what the face is, but I get your frustration "Rammed down our throats." Very flawed replacement process, but how in the hell was it rammed down anyone's throat. Anytime we don't like the change or the time frame for change, for whatever reason, its "rammed down our throats. " Anyway, it's great that we respect and celebrate the past. Dacotah Legacy series encourages it and does it well. There will always be new Fighting Sioux gear
  18. Some people are destined to be perpetually pissed off. Nothing I say will make them more or less pissed off. That's just who they are. I contend there is a fraction who would have "hated" any attempt to replace the Sioux mascot/ logo. Not all, not even a majority, but a fraction. And I believe that fraction is often over-represented on siouxsports. It is often displayed here. No denying that. There is very little rationale to their disdain. "I hate it." Or mocking ridicule. Post Office. Burlington Northern. To deny this disdain originates in the NCAA ruling, is ludicrous.
  19. Not ideal for marketing. And additionally the controversy would have been discussed every time a broadcaster or writer would say, "North Dakota is the only NCAA school without a nickname...." Mistake by Kelly to run a "CONTEST ". That's for middle schools not universities. Should have been undertaken as a University branding initiative. Make something positive out of all the negative surrounding the inconsistencies of the NCAA and all the bitterness that resulted. Instead, we got a contest winner. 'Tis what 'tis. Still doesn't justify the petulance of many which only serves to further d
  20. I get the part of, "Telling people how to feel..." Not my intention, but can understand how I am coming off that way. I still don't believe anything would have been an acceptable replacement for those hell-bent on tearing down anything associated with the new mascot or logo. Ok, then what is the alternative to our reality? Swear at the moon, gnash your teeth, and lash out at any replacement til the day you die. Doesn't seem to me a more reasonable approach. I will accept the present and hopefully enjoy a happier UND Athletics existence.
  21. Divorced 15 years ago. Remarried 10 years ago. Do I miss some things about my first wife. Hell yes. Do I dwell on it. No. Because its over and I have a new person to be concerned with. Some posters on here refuse to admit reality. Hey, we got screwed. S*&^ happens. NCAA rules. Their ball. To sit and dwell on and denigrate everything that has anything to do with the new mascot, logo, swag, etc. has very little to do with how it looks but the attitude of the viewer. The new logo could have been a naked Pamela Anderson from back in the day and you'd still bitch. Find a way to move
  22. What you just said makes absolutely no sense. Next time, have a point.
  23. Deion Harris tweeted "Blessed" getting congrats. Anyone know what's up?
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