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  1. Ostarine is in many over the counter energy supplements. Same substance that earned NDSU's Brock Robbins a one-year football suspension and kept him out of a title game a few years back. He allegedly claimed it was given to him by contracted coach "Pound the Rock" Newman. Buyer (User) beware.
  2. Disney, Hulu, ESPN+ Package $7.95mos. or $79.95 yr. Best way to get ESPN+
  3. their they're don't get ahead of yourself Bison Dan....
  4. Not necessarily. The comforts of college prolong adolescence. They are young men, but still kids. The real world will be there soon enough. And we hope the college years have prepared them for it.
  5. Family, community, faith. Even the "hellians" I went to school with in the dark ages eventually come around. The bad guys get put away or die young. Those that live on want to live in peace and eventually turn to things that make us all safe and secure. Nobody wants to live a life of chaos. More recently, we've let 24 hour news channels and social media promote discord (our differences of opinion rather than our common interests). We and younger generations will learn how to better navigate this somewhat new medium and get back to center.
  6. I agree. Every generation has "their thing" but kids are kids. They want to know somebody cares. Taking the time to get to know them reveals that. Older generations (like mine) have been predicting the end of society since cave men ruled. Culture changes, but eventually our common values prevail. Good insight Geaux.
  7. You always have to be the biggest jerk on here. What qualifies you for anything other than being spoiled jackass from Carrington who Daddy put through optometry school. Grow up.
  8. It does make a difference. And its not a "strange" addendum. Whether or not a person is being honored as a benefactor or for athletic accomplishment matters very much in Hadju's contention that the honor was "long overdue." As pointed out, Pollard was in the very first Athletic Hall of Fame Class. Hadju simply wants readers of his tweets to see how "woke" he is by implying the University somehow overlooked Pollard. Except in this case as usual, Hadju is FOS. You left out the part about Hylsop being a benefactor. (another poster pointed it out) He wasn't honored with the naming of the arena for his baseball prowess. Just like Ralph wasn't given the honor of Ralph Engelstad Arena's name for his goal tending. Both were benefactors. Convenient omission if you're trying to paint my comments in a particular direction. My comments were not on the appropriateness of the Pollard honor. I believe it is appropriate. My point is and has always been about the LONG OVERDUE comment by Hadju. The naming of the HPC for a student-athlete is unprecedented. No other building (athletic or otherwise) has been named in honor of a student-athlete based in whole or part upon their athletic achievement. (Mr. Pollard is a historic UND figure as well) Therefore, it is not overdue. Nobody else has had this honor. Fritz Pollard, Jr. was not overlooked in favor of other student-athletes. The "long overdue" comment is simply Hadju being Hadju. Picking nits. Okay, maybe. But I have seen similar tripe from Hadju aimed at the University ever since he left. I hope he didn't let the door hit him in the ass on his way out. Maybe you miss him being in the employee lounge.
  9. You cut the story off short. Was Hyslop honored for his playing days or philanthropy? Makes a difference.
  10. Did not know that. Stand corrected. Thanks for the research. 1906 to 1981 = 75 years. 1936 to 2021 = 85 years. Overdue. Ok. But Hadju still suspect. That's a hill I'm willing to die on.
  11. Oh I think it's great. Primary tenants are football and T&F. The right thing for many reasons. Just don't understand the "long-overdue" comment from Hadju. Other than , since his UND departure, he's been quite critical of UND administration. Leaving was his decision, but acts like he has an ax to grind.
  12. Why is it "long overdue?" Name another campus building named in honor of a student athlete. Well, I'm waiting... Ralph doesn't count. To say it's long overdue, there must be precedent. A history of naming athletic buildings after athletic alumni. It's a fitting and great honor, but hardly "overdue " given this naming is the first of its kind. I guess "don't question the motives of Hockey God Hadju." He has always been and will continue to be a smug, holier than thou jackass.
  13. Fitting name to attach to the HPC. I do find it interesting, however, that J. Hadju had to weigh in on it via twitter calling the naming "long overdue." Really Hadju? The building opened in 2015. Nothing about it has been long. So glad that smug SJW moved on from UND. Blame Canada, ya hoser.
  14. I have Busch Light in my fridge. It was an attempt to stoke the flames of a 127 yr old rivalry as we head into a season. Sarcasm, satire, smack, whatever. Didn't expect anyone to view it as an editorial.
  15. Ahhh Bison Dan. After nearly a year of you being relatively reasonable, we get your snoose-chewin', Busch Light drinkin', p$#!ing in the streets of Mpls, cows&^% on your Sunday shoes, chunky cousin kissin', line of bs. Football season is back... Gotta love it!
  16. I was referring to their social status within their environment, not economic status. The cheers, the fans, the hangers-on, the recruiting, the girls; gives one a sense of self importance beyond the ice, field, or court.
  17. Many (not all) standout athletes, particularly DI athletes, are pampered. They live in a world quite different from us "average Joes" and always have. Good for them. They are talented in a way that most of us will never experience. We enjoy watching their talent. But because of their talent, those around them have idolized them, giving them every advantage. Their self-importance grows. There is no better representation of this privilege than when we have to hear college athletes who are wearing state-funded uniforms, practicing and playing in benefactor-funded facilities, eating chef-prepared meals, receiving full-ride private/state funded scholarships while representing a state university --- say "we have a platform, and its our right to raise awareness for our cause via that platform...." No son, you're floating on a platform someone built for you. You're a beneficiary, and you're representing the builders. Do they have the right to kneel during the Anthem? Of course, this is America. Should they. Not in my opinion. When you are representing the University of North Dakota, respect the flag. When you are on your own time - like marching in the Floyd Rally - by all means, do your thing.
  18. Congrats guys. 600 pages. I believe you have 1000 on you!!! Keep this s%*! storm rolling.
  19. Fargodome is booked Saturday. May be same issue for Yotes. Welcome to unplanned spring football.
  20. On page 425, yup. But I suppose you can mansplain to me why I am wrong.
  21. This is a great page. Looks like the lefties are turning on each other. Arguing amongst themselves and tossing insults at each other. That's what always happens. Eventually they run out of people to blame for their problems. Wait until they run out of other people's money.
  22. Or they just milked it as long as they could knowing full well, given the stringent protocol, what the eventual outcome would be. Now the story can be, "we wanted to play but nobody would agree to play us.." So very Bison of them
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