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  1. Well, we could go on for days and not agree. Nobody else but us gives a s&+$ so we'll just have to disagree as to what is grey and what is silver. Maybe I will head to my box of Crayolas and do a little research as UND-FB-FAN has advised..:) https://www.quora.com/How-can-you-describe-the-difference-between-the-color-silver-and-gray
  2. Nope. One is grey, one is silver. Silver is a metallic color. The Sioux helmets were grey.
  3. What exactly am I supposed to be researching. Uniform colors, spring game organization??? Tell me exactly what research would help make your ridiculous points valid.
  4. Nope. That's just how everything looks in Mafia's World.
  5. Nothing. Haven't you been reading UND- FB-Fan's posts.
  6. Once again. Most inaccurate moniker ever. Once you get the kids out of your yard, grab a beer and try to relax. For someone who does nothing but dish out criticism, your undies sure get in a bunch when someone calls you out. Your concerns are petty. You have complained about everything Hawk Football except for the amount of salt on the popcorn. Pretty sure you are a Bison troll.
  7. This helmet is silver. The Sioux Football helmets were grey.
  8. Aaaaaand now we've heard from the voice of reason.
  9. Don't like the Grey's either. But you do understand that UND wore grey uniforms in the past. So grey has a historic significance. They didn't just pull a color out of the blue. The helmets were grey, not silver as our young Cajun friend suggests.
  10. Whatever dude? Here come the mods, I'm out.
  11. Seriously? Saying, "It drew 300 because there was a spring game or because the fans wanted Mussman fired?" Means you thought the last Alerus Spring Game was under Mussman. Why twist words or deny it. Sucks being caught being inaccurate. Should be used to it by now.
  12. Bubba had a spring game (maybe 2) in the Alerus. Wrong again Mr. History.
  13. Must have been the day back-up kickers actually got to see the field for you to be so upset. You're stuck in the 90's when some programs actually had foolish "alumni games." Most programs have moved away from full-on spring games. (Clemson and Alabama don't count. They could throw a marshmallow roast and get attendance and make money.) The last full spring game at the Alerus Center drew about 300. You don't know s&^t about marketing and promotion. When you aren't drawing a crowd, best to keep it low profile and get some work done. Not to mention budget issues. Do you think the Alerus Center let's UND Football use the facility out of the goodness of their heart. The head that needs pulling out of one's backside might be your own.
  14. Wyoming (2015) was not available on any stream since it is still 1947 in Laramie.
  15. It's always all about you. Poor Oxbow. Oh, I think the tourney is going well Satisfied mods? Or another rush to protect your boy?
  16. INFAMOUS is a whole different recognition dude!
  17. Here you go: https://undfootball360.com/news/interview-with-ol-coach-joe-pawlak/
  18. There you go. All I was saying... "Low Sodium" Stockdamhockey.:)
  19. My guess is Sara will be back on the roster at NDSU. She is currently enrolled there. Would be a HUGE get for UND, but doubt Momma would let it happen.
  20. Hardly. You said I didn't give credit to NDSU. I pointed out that I did and you were wrong. Pardon me for ignoring you psychology degree...you diagnosed that my congratulations was sarcastic. How any of this makes me a keyboard tough guy, I don't know. If you don't want to be challenged, I suggest you read all my posts on the subject first. That is all.
  21. Typical MafiaMan response. Point out his inaccuracy and right away its "salty." Wow. I suppose I should just let you talk sh*% and walk away. "Mom, we're outta chips...."
  22. I know your days are so incredibly busy with the observations that you share with us, but if you read down a little further I think you'll see that credit was given. Comprehension is optional on this forum, but at least read all my posts before accusing. Thanks.
  23. What is astonishing to me is the roller coaster ride that this forum can be. If the Bison lose last night, probably wouldn't see a "complete loser" post from you. The outcome of single games dictate the hyperbole that we see from posters. Overreactions are common. THE BISON ARE A .500 BB TEAM. They got hot, the Rabbits lost, they're in the Dance. Congratulations. Welcome to March BB. Your post is complete emotion, no rational thought. In year 2016, UND won a National Hockey Title, AND Big Sky Conference Titles in FB, VB, MBB, WBB (had never been done before in the Big Sky. It is 2019 --- and you now choose to call our Athletic Dept. "complete losers." Really? Is this rational? No argument that its been a tough year, but "complete loser?" Hard to take you seriously.
  24. The words "complete loser" are inaccurate as well as an indication of quitting. Sorry. Just how I feel about the comment.
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