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  1. I guess anyone who calls you out for being the bratty fair weather fan that you are is an asshat. Go put your Bison !@#$ on on and go fiddle yourself
  2. Well then Thelma, why don't you grab Louise, hop in the convertible, and you know the rest..... MOST INACCURATE MONIKER EVER!!!!!!
  3. Having heavy family ties is the only way you ever get laid.
  4. In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  5. And.....we move into commenting on psychology.
  6. Who gives a sh&* how the pics were inserted? You and the other 10 losers on this site. My point was made.
  7. I have no idea what that means. As a moderator of this forum, I hold you and others accountable for the damaging effects this forum has on the reputation of the University, its executives and staff, as well as its athletes. It's all BS. Baseless, anonymous opinions laid out for all to see from individuals who would never take the time to seek facts. Always without rationale or context and very often out of touch with reality. "Discussion" you say. Well, even in the old days of "shooting the s*&t at the coffee shop we knew who the speaker ie perpetrator was so there was some accountability.
  8. You are assuming there is something here to win. Anonymous posters discussing the credibility of personnel, athletes, etc. Hardly a format for winners. ( I get the irony, save your vitriol). The only thing lesser than the influence of this forum is it's accountability.
  9. Why contribute? All the meaningful dialogue from ND's most influential has already taken place.
  10. And my point is proven. Middle School raises it's ugly head. Why don't you guys get out of mom's basement and get a job?
  11. Here's what siouxsports posters see when they are in a discussion: Here's what the rest of the world sees:
  12. The whole world looks beige when you were only the backup kicker.
  13. Well, we could go on for days and not agree. Nobody else but us gives a s&+$ so we'll just have to disagree as to what is grey and what is silver. Maybe I will head to my box of Crayolas and do a little research as UND-FB-FAN has advised..:) https://www.quora.com/How-can-you-describe-the-difference-between-the-color-silver-and-gray
  14. Nope. One is grey, one is silver. Silver is a metallic color. The Sioux helmets were grey.
  15. What exactly am I supposed to be researching. Uniform colors, spring game organization??? Tell me exactly what research would help make your ridiculous points valid.
  16. Nope. That's just how everything looks in Mafia's World.
  17. Nothing. Haven't you been reading UND- FB-Fan's posts.
  18. Once again. Most inaccurate moniker ever. Once you get the kids out of your yard, grab a beer and try to relax. For someone who does nothing but dish out criticism, your undies sure get in a bunch when someone calls you out. Your concerns are petty. You have complained about everything Hawk Football except for the amount of salt on the popcorn. Pretty sure you are a Bison troll.
  19. This helmet is silver. The Sioux Football helmets were grey.
  20. Aaaaaand now we've heard from the voice of reason.
  21. Don't like the Grey's either. But you do understand that UND wore grey uniforms in the past. So grey has a historic significance. They didn't just pull a color out of the blue. The helmets were grey, not silver as our young Cajun friend suggests.
  22. Whatever dude? Here come the mods, I'm out.
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