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  1. Maybe you are the boil. Get your tickets. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  2. You have zero credibility on here. You're a quitter. Come back when you have proof of season ticket renewal. Until then, get the hell out of here. Leave this forum to real fans.
  3. Nope. Saying they have changed their game. Forum Comm Sports is not news. It's propaganda masquerading poorly as news. Report the suspension and move on. No big deal. Suppress/fail to report the suspension and raise all kinds of questions. This has been going on for a long time. The kid from Munich's troubles years ago, three players sent home last year. Crickets from Forum Comm. This is just the latest. Only this time mom is talking. Why hasn't Forum Comm looked into what she's saying. Do you think the Robbins' will let this die without a fight? He lost a title game and most likely his Sr sea
  4. How 'bout "disingenuous?" Would you agree the Forum reporters were disingenuous in not reporting what they knew? And they knew. We all knew. Everyone in Pembina Co knew because Robbins and his mom were talking. Then we all knew. Four Forum Comm reporters were on site for days and not one questioned where the starting fullback was leading up to the National Championship Game? Hmmmmm???? I think Marcil Jr. needs to re-think the competency of his sports staff. It is important because it calls into question "what else" is not being reported. Minimize all you want. It still quacks like a duck.
  5. Whoa, pump the brakes. Street drug? AG = ADD meds prescribed to his roommate. And his positive drug test was reported by the local media DURING THE OFF SEASON. Robbins reportedly (stimulant, what we don't know). POSITIVE DRUG TEST NOT REPORTED BY THE LOCAL MEDIA LEADING INTO A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Some other possible unconfirmed connections to staff (though being discussed by the Robbins Family). How is any of this (other than the likely loss of one year's eligibility) the "same as AG?"
  6. Nothing to see here folks, move along.... https://www.inforum.com/sports/football/948926-Roehl-named-Bison-offensive-coordinator-UNI-assistant-will-be-new-defensive-coordinator
  7. Maybe so. But you still have to be professional. The guys an NFL coach. Poor representative. Are you saying anything goes anywhere. Wow...
  8. Was on a search committee several years ago. T. Wash was given a preliminary phone interview. Dropped three f-bombs DURING THE INTERVIEW. Didn't make first cut. Clown.
  9. Todd Wash has NEVER been associated with class. Whomever gave him the chance to speak publicly should be fired. Embarrassing.
  10. Obviously, I am a college football fan. The suspension of a starting FB for a positive drug test on the eve of a National Championship game is a story. It became a non-story by choice of the Forum Sports Staff. Collusion? It goes to the integrity of the game of college football on so many levels. This most likely is and may be an isolated incident for NDSU. However, how will anyone ever know that given that NOTHING adverse is ever reported. Leaves the casual fan to wonder "what else do we not know/" The lack of reporting on this particular incident opens the door to so many questions. Needless
  11. What a simple mind. Not jealousy, simply pointing out the double standard and deception within the same company: Forum Communications. Herald appropriately reports suspensions and legal issues - Forum DOES NOT. Forum reporters are not journalists. They are part of the NDSU Athletic Dept. Makes one wonder what else is not being reported. Forum Sports Dept. is culpable in this situation. They DID NOT REPORT what they knew. Didn't want to spoil the party. Shameful. Cannot hold yourself out as a news outlet, when you do not report the news. Say what you are and represent yourself appropriately - p
  12. Local media's lack of reporting on the suspension was irresponsible. It happened, he's not in uniform. Report it. Didn't even have to speculate on the cause. But the suspension for the game is newsworthy in the sports section. Any responsible beat writer would have reported it at some point between Thursday and game time.
  13. "Dictating" you mean suppressing information. Wouldn't want anything bad about the hometown team in the local paper now would we... What would ESPN think? I never used the player's name. Don't attribute that to me.
  14. And there were no opportunities between Thursday and Saturday to report on it??? Inforum is online. Takes minutes to upload a story. Suspension was NEVER disclosed by any Fargo media. Someone surely knew (Dom, Kolpack, McFeely) What gives Tolna?
  15. And it was reported.... NDSU negatives are NOT REPORTED by Fargo media. You are missing the point.
  16. Oh, so you WERE making a "ya but" argument. Thought you were offended for being "called out." One guy in eight years!?!? Boy, do you have yellow glasses on. Many arrested, suspensions, etc. Simply not reported by Fargo media (Forum) because they are in bed with the program.
  17. And it was disclosed and reported on by the GF Herald. You are missing the point with your "ya but" response.
  18. What do you care. You're not getting season tickets. Go hang out with all the other quitters.
  19. You want people's sympathies after you troll a UND fan site with a NDSU National Championship pic? You are a special kind of "unaware..."
  20. Know this guy. Not surprised he'd post this hear. He's a "hockey-only" rube. Most brain cells destroyed waaay back in the 80's. Take him FWIW
  21. Sit by me? Hell, I thought we were going to be the undercard in the next RRV MMA event. You said meeting "could be arranged."
  22. We'll, if that isn't the "Murderers Row" of this forum. I guess there's no chance we'll see fewer opinions from those who "vouche" for you because they are tied up with their Mensa commitments.
  23. You don't go to the games. You admit that regularly on here. All you do is bitch. Fair weather fans like you are hardly a loss when they "decide not to renew their season tickets." You talk sh*% about how "everybody thinks like I do." Most don't. I couldn't care less whether an @#shole like you (mods, I'll show myself out.) comes to the games or has season tickets. From your posts and attitude, you were never a good teammate, always taking the cynical side of everything so you can say "I told you so...." You mock any enthusiasm for the program and ridicule anyone who shows the slightest optimi
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