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  1. Then put on your green and gold, head on over to Bisonville, and leave the UND fandom to those of us who aren't quitting.
  2. Thank you. Shep and I have been working on a summons for Siouxswim1
  3. My nephew was at a truck stop near Drayton. He overheard a conversation that some of the posters on this forum have a secret hide-a-way in the Pembina Gorge near Walhalla. They are allegedly hiring Canadian hookers for parties that last for days. Any questions, contact Shep. He's my attorney.
  4. Mods: Why do you allow BS like this on the site? This is complete unsubstantiated garbage from a "new poster" trying to disrupt the Spring Ball thread. Use your heads. I hope somebody sues the sh*% out of this site someday for the garbage you allow.
  5. Now here's a strategy I can get behind.
  6. As long as it's Throwback Thursday, let's revisit 2012 with a gentle reminder for 'SU players to keep their rocket in their pocket while at West Acres.
  7. Nope. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of this board. Anyone can talk s?&$ about certain topics, no basis needed. But as soon as someone calls bulls+&$ on a negative Nancy "take it private." No accountability.
  8. Nope. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of this board. Anyone can talk s?&$ about certain topics, no basis needed. But as soon as someone calls bulls+&$ on a negative Nancy "take it private." No accountability.
  9. Well, let me try again. Fire Berry. Fire Bubba. Fire Jones. Fire Travis. Is that any less attacking or less personal? Why is it different for a clueless poster. You guys have some interesting protections. Maybe you protect your friends and to hell with the rest. You only want "certain" exchanges. As long as posters are hammering the right people, it's ok.
  10. This entire site is based on personal "bs" . How is what I have said different than what is said in nearly every post. Can't simply call it bs because you don't agree. Mod or not...
  11. Then, by all means, head on over. Cheer for the Bison, the Rabbits, the 'Yotes. Whatever floats your boat. We'd rather have you on board, but we'll be just fine without you. Hell, you didn't even show up when you had tickets. (And were proud to proclaim your absence as well.) What kind of fan does that? What kind of person does that? I'm sure you were a ringer in your playing days. And a ringer like you DESERVES to cheer for a winner. And, whatever will we do without you in the seats, not to mention your financial contributions? You keep writing checks with your FB posts on here that you simply can't back with anything else. Until you show proof that you have re-upped your FB season tickets after pledging on this board to cancel, you are persona non grata with me. I will call you out EVERYTIME and I'll be on your a$$ when you say anything on a FB thread. If you get back on board, I'll get off your a$$. Free forum. Anyone can say what they want on here. But once you've taken yourself out of the game, you are rippable. Looking forward to easing up and welcoming you back to the FB fan base. Until then....
  12. Lots of 'em. Why are you still in a football forum after you continue to publicly pledge your non-support? Sounds like "aiding and abetting" the enemy to me. They'd love you over on Bisonville.
  13. Really? You want us to listen to a season ticket cancelling quitter trying to be funny. Wow.
  14. Well then, let's just shut it down. The crap shoot is the difference between choice B and Choice C. But you're right. You do realize the Bison posters on here love to pull your chain. You panic over the smallest issues and play right into what they want. Stop exposing YOUR weaknesses and just try to enjoy what we're really talking about: football. Nobody's curing cancer here.
  15. Hey Dan. To save us the time of actually reading your posts, why don't you just drop trou, take a pic, and prove to us just HOW BIG it actually is??
  16. My gawd Debbie. Step back from the ledge. It was our Plan B....do you really think Plan C is that far off. It's a crap shoot. They are 18 year old kids. Who knows how they will develop.
  17. And then the expected name calling. Because, you know, if you're not for firing every coach you must be a dumb---- .
  18. Let's see, 2016 National Championship in hockey. Big Sky Championship in fb, vb, mbb, wbb (2016-17 season). I guess if your time frame is "two years". What I see on here is the same 10 guys calling for everyone's head whenever things don't go their way.
  19. Wow. You just want everyone fired. Interesting that with your brilliance you aren't in a position to make that happen.
  20. Maybe you are the boil. Get your tickets. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  21. You have zero credibility on here. You're a quitter. Come back when you have proof of season ticket renewal. Until then, get the hell out of here. Leave this forum to real fans.
  22. Nope. Saying they have changed their game. Forum Comm Sports is not news. It's propaganda masquerading poorly as news. Report the suspension and move on. No big deal. Suppress/fail to report the suspension and raise all kinds of questions. This has been going on for a long time. The kid from Munich's troubles years ago, three players sent home last year. Crickets from Forum Comm. This is just the latest. Only this time mom is talking. Why hasn't Forum Comm looked into what she's saying. Do you think the Robbins' will let this die without a fight? He lost a title game and most likely his Sr season. How's Forum Comm going to hide their fight?
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