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  1. Hey Lakes. It's not slander if it's TRUE. Did you learn your meaning in your one semester at 'SU? https://www.jamestownsun.com/news/1725120-district-court-sentences-two-felony-charges
  2. Ah yes. lakesbison stealing credit cards, threatening elected officials, crying in court, and lying about his Bison baseball career since fan forums were invented....
  3. Dom Izzo is part of the marketing dept at NDSU. See, stellar Brock Robbins reporting last January.
  4. I didn't think this forum could get any sillier. Congrats gentlemen, (you know who you are) you have proven me wrong. The past 72 hours have been phenomenal.
  5. Of course it will. Best way to make the case is to beat the Bison. UND has played the Bison once in their run. 34-9 in 2015. Lopsided is a good observation, but you do realize its been lopsided against most of the FCS field. 7 of 8 national titles. Never been done at any level of football. Not an excuse, but important to remember. Unprecedented. The proximity to Fargo can only be used for one argument: It can be done in North Dakota. The Bison have proven that. Also important to note that a football program has approximately 100 members at any given time. 63 full scholarship equivalents i
  6. Welcome to the world of 18-22 year olds. Real life raises its ugly head. These guys are more than just jerseys on the field on Saturday performing for our enjoyment.
  7. Harsh? I made an observation and asked criteria. Isn't that the formula?
  8. Humm. Are you confusing the NFL draft with college football recruiting? "First commit " does not mean highest talent, priority. Not sure what any of this means. Are you going to give us the history of the last commits too?
  9. The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.
  10. Satter is a great kid but PWO at either school. (Because of position he plays) UND offers to force SU's hand on legacy recruit. It's that simple. And how the game is played. Satter Family can thank UND.
  11. Yes oh great NFP mind. Because the last time I checked, NFL offenses use screens like .001 percent of the time. Really hampered John's NFL career.
  12. How many All-Conference and All- American honors did John and Brady have? Hardly "squandered." Now, the career of a backup kicker in the 90's...that was squandered.
  13. I guess anyone who calls you out for being the bratty fair weather fan that you are is an asshat. Go put your Bison !@#$ on on and go fiddle yourself
  14. Well then Thelma, why don't you grab Louise, hop in the convertible, and you know the rest..... MOST INACCURATE MONIKER EVER!!!!!!
  15. Having heavy family ties is the only way you ever get laid.
  16. In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  17. And.....we move into commenting on psychology.
  18. Who gives a sh&* how the pics were inserted? You and the other 10 losers on this site. My point was made.
  19. I have no idea what that means. As a moderator of this forum, I hold you and others accountable for the damaging effects this forum has on the reputation of the University, its executives and staff, as well as its athletes. It's all BS. Baseless, anonymous opinions laid out for all to see from individuals who would never take the time to seek facts. Always without rationale or context and very often out of touch with reality. "Discussion" you say. Well, even in the old days of "shooting the s*&t at the coffee shop we knew who the speaker ie perpetrator was so there was some accountability.
  20. You are assuming there is something here to win. Anonymous posters discussing the credibility of personnel, athletes, etc. Hardly a format for winners. ( I get the irony, save your vitriol). The only thing lesser than the influence of this forum is it's accountability.
  21. Why contribute? All the meaningful dialogue from ND's most influential has already taken place.
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