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  1. UND Dood

    UND @ ISU

    GREAT HIT BY RAY HAAS!!! wish i could have seen it.....
  2. seems like his wingspan is about 12'!
  3. Trust us bulldog, nobody hates the ag college to the south of us worse than we do!
  4. For the life of me, I can't understand why he couldn't wait a couple weeks. too bad for him!
  5. I don't think we have ever beaten Eastern Washington? We owe them a beating!!
  6. I hope we keep playing. I'm sure the players want to play games, not just work out and practice. Injuries happen even without games. I don't care if there are playoffs, maybe they should just take the top 16, pair them up with an outside the conference team and have a single "bowl game". No national champion this spring?
  7. Hawks win 21-17. This team just keeps grinding at you, especially on offense. The hawks just seem to have that warrior mentality this year. Grind, grind, grind!
  8. the completely neutral about everything trophy?
  9. Kings of the north bowl
  10. Their Dad played at UND, lets keep the pipeline going
  11. This makes me think back to when Roger Thomas took over. Took a long time to get the program built back up, but it paid off for many years!
  12. Hopefully Bubba and crew can keep the team focused on the next game. This team seems pretty level-headed, so let's hope the day-by-day mantra holds true. Act like rankings don't exist!
  13. Hell yeah! Time to prove we are for real! GO HAWKS!!!!
  14. Hey! Less than 2 months until football!!!
  15. Anyone know if any of the St. Cloud State players could help us? I see they have a couple 2nd team all-conference OL and DL guys.
  16. 0% NDSU priapism here, GO HAWKS!!!!!
  17. Hell yes, I love the call. Our offense is coming around, and the D is playing better. No mistakes.
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