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  1. This makes me think back to when Roger Thomas took over. Took a long time to get the program built back up, but it paid off for many years!
  2. Hopefully Bubba and crew can keep the team focused on the next game. This team seems pretty level-headed, so let's hope the day-by-day mantra holds true. Act like rankings don't exist!
  3. Hell yeah! Time to prove we are for real! GO HAWKS!!!!
  4. Hey! Less than 2 months until football!!!
  5. Anyone know if any of the St. Cloud State players could help us? I see they have a couple 2nd team all-conference OL and DL guys.
  6. 0% NDSU priapism here, GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. Hell yes, I love the call. Our offense is coming around, and the D is playing better. No mistakes.
  8. Yep, line up a big dude and just boot it, no return.
  9. We must have a guy on this team that boot a kickoff deep into the endzone. Don't let them return.
  10. Today will go a long ways in telling us if we are contenders or pretenders. I think we are contenders! perfect statement! If we are for real, we deserve to win this game!
  11. No travel for the Hawks, afternoon game, a week of refocusing, Hawks win 24-13.
  12. UND Dood

    2018 Season

    I am very pleased with out O-line play this year! Big, strong guys, and young as a group, only one senior starter. And it does have to help them to practice against our D-line. Go Hogs!
  13. We just thumped the Griz! Who cares why or how, a win is a win is a win!
  14. I was at the game, loved seeing the band there! they were the noise leaders on the east side of the field. Our guys played a pretty solid 4 quarters. Too many penalties. Beat the frickin' Griz!
  15. It's going to be sunny and 80 deg in Greeley tomorrow, unleash the speed guys!
  16. UNC is better than their record shows. Gonna take 60 minutes of full throttle from all three phases. For sure a winnable game. I will be there!
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