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  1. 0% NDSU priapism here, GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. Hell yes, I love the call. Our offense is coming around, and the D is playing better. No mistakes.
  3. Yep, line up a big dude and just boot it, no return.
  4. We must have a guy on this team that boot a kickoff deep into the endzone. Don't let them return.
  5. Today will go a long ways in telling us if we are contenders or pretenders. I think we are contenders! perfect statement! If we are for real, we deserve to win this game!
  6. No travel for the Hawks, afternoon game, a week of refocusing, Hawks win 24-13.
  7. UND Dood

    2018 Season

    I am very pleased with out O-line play this year! Big, strong guys, and young as a group, only one senior starter. And it does have to help them to practice against our D-line. Go Hogs!
  8. We just thumped the Griz! Who cares why or how, a win is a win is a win!
  9. I was at the game, loved seeing the band there! they were the noise leaders on the east side of the field. Our guys played a pretty solid 4 quarters. Too many penalties. Beat the frickin' Griz!
  10. UND Dood

    On To UNC

    It's going to be sunny and 80 deg in Greeley tomorrow, unleash the speed guys!
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