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  1. Agree with Eric P Nelson....way cool!!!!
  2. The vocal 'minority' of what is known as the hockey culture cannot embrace or accept the reality of the cutting of WH or the new 'nickname/logo'......or the fact that, nationally, ice hockey is no longer in the 'Big 4' of US sports in popularity!!!! What is it now, 7,8, maybe 9?
  3. still......have an arena with the Ridder name attached....ND taxpayers then should 'pony up' to support the deficits in all phases of state that your point???
  4. Lead story on "10 current or former Gophers bring home medals....6 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze..." its all about recruiting and commitment...Lady Gophers have their own arena, donated by Mrs. Ridder of St. Paul...of the Knight-Ridder publishing family....comparing the commitment to women's hockey between UND and like the proverbial 'apples/oranges'
  5. Called it.....Dawg-Denver final.....NCHC commish lovin' this!!!!.....I have relatives who are relatives with Keith Ballard's blood to me.....They are true and true Gopher fans from northern MN....have followed college hockey for at least 50 years.....Have told stories about the 'cheap shots' taken by UND...It's all in the eyes of the beholder.... Get over it...and enjoy the game on Saturday....may the best (luckiest) team win!!!!
  6. Dawgs-Pioneer final...good for the NCHC.... Flopping, spearing, diving is a part of all college team cultures...True also for UND going back to the days of Gino...some of you need to get off your 'high horses' re: UMD-a couple weeks ago!!!!
  7. Slight diversion from the 'x-o' talk....pulling for the "Dogs" on Monday night and then for the "Dawgs" at the Frozen Four"..., woof woof !!!!!
  8. Women's National Team...10 current and former Gophers on the team. 6 for US, 2 for Canada and 2 for Finland...that tells you a big reason for the demise of UND women's hockey....recruiting...recruiting...recruiting...!!!!
  9. Go Dawgs....or Pioneers...NCHC pride!!!!! Prefer UMD, my daughter went to school there and tells that Brett Hull used to return to his alma mater and party with the kids...said he had a pretty good 'ego'!!!!
  10. I see I sent some of you to 'google' a term....a new word learned per day is good for the mind, proud of you!!!!!..As far as other teams taking dives/cheap shots.,,etc. there are plenty of fans from the old WCHA days and current NCHC that can so point that out re: UND!!!!! Take off the rose, rather, green colored's part of hockey no matter the team....
  11. By not being supportive of fellow league members, is reflective of the arrogance of many UND 'hockey supporters....not all, but especially the homophobic group that believes the old logo was somehow 'stolen' from them..."Homophobic"....perhaps too advanced a word for the 'and ah' crowd!!!!!!
  12. I'm sure all Fighting Hawk fans are proud of the feats of fellow NCHC members UMD and U. of Denver and wish them well as they move on!!!!
  13. You are absolutely correct, Dar,...outside of a couple universities....collegiate hockey has no fan interest!!!!! People on this board make fun of the attendance at BIG hockey games and playoffs...Again, at those Power 5 schools.... Hockey is way down on their athletic priority list!!!!! Face is a 'niche' sport!!!!!
  14. So great to click on ESPN icon this AM...and see the UND score right next to the Duke/Notre Dame score and the AZ/Oregon score....right in between it was....Love the 'mainstream' sports!!!!!!
  15. Agree with Sioux Score on this...MN high school sports has much more of a grind to get through, not only the regular season, but playoffs as well...UND is fortunate to be feasting on MN talent in all sports...the guts lf the FB team, BB, and to some extent hockey is made up of those from the 'Gopher state'.....That is logical as the state has about 7 x the population of ND.... Think I read somewhere, Forum perhaps, that the largest % of the student bodies of both UND/NDSU were Minnesotans....think that was in an article related to retaining tuition reciprocity......