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  1. Lets hope they don't have room to stop in Fargo and Fargo Fans can then put together another bus.
  2. IF the 6'10" Cashman had not get kicked off the team last summer, Walters most likely would have red shirted. With him gone Walters was forced to play. Billy Brown is too slow with his feet and shot release to ever be much of a D! player. If he were playing against UND's quick guards, he would get eaten up.
  3. Premier Center in SF holds 10,500 for Hockey. Should be rockin with ND as the Host School. Target Center will have completed their renovation and will be a nice arena to host a Regional. I have been to a Final 4 and Regional in domes and they are too big.
  4. Time to vote for the Champion. Hooker won last year, lets make it back to back.
  5. Keep voting
  6. KFGO Just announced UND to drop Women's Hockey!!!
  7. Any chance of getting any of the 3 Grad Transfers leaving MN? 1 DE 2 OL
  8. 1. Jackson 2. Guldseth 3. Hooker 4. Vonesh 5. Beasly, Bob Eaglestaff, Fred Lukens, and many others that I can't remember. Is this years team the best ever? I would say the Guldseth, Vonesh, Gardner, Jacobson, Robertson teams of the early 90's would give this team a good run and maybe was better over a 3+ year period.
  9. So, how will the incoming recruits along with the transfers sitting out this year look to replace Hooker and Baldwin? I would expect the two transfers to step in and contribute right away. Kienan Walter should be able to put on some weight over the summer and add strength. Who actually are the incoming recruits? I know about Moody but don't know much about any others?
  10. maybe walters redshirts next year when the two transfers are ready to play?
  11. Bubba has 10+ years of coaching left in him (my opinion). I don't see coach Schmidt sticking around that long. By the time Bubba retires, Schmidt could be a coach (DC or Head Coach) at a school larger than UND and wouldn't then take a pay cut to coach UND. Hope he stays but I don't see it happening.
  12. Just checked the map. It is now updated. Looks like maybe 5,000 available seats.
  13. So do you believe there will be more or less than 5,500?
  14. This weekends game will let us know where we stand. 3 games in 3 days.
  15. I would like to see 1-16 seeded. 1-8 get byes, 9-16 get home games and 17-24 go to closest venue/regionalization.